You may often be hit by the urge to upgrade your backyard swimming pool for many justifiable reasons. It could be that you want it to fit into your style after buying a house that comes with it. Or, you may want to resurface its finishing and remodel it into modern innovative designs. This pool remodeling timeline sheds light on the time it takes to help you do this and actualize your dreams.

How Long Will It Take To Renovate A Pool?

Pool renovation timeline

Different ways of modernizing your old in-ground pool have assorted timelines. Good examples include reshaping and adding an extensive inground pool to the deck and retouching and renovating a pool by resurfacing it. Resurfacing means updating or repairing the pool deck, resurfacing the pool’s interior, and replacing the waterline tile. The latter takes more time than the former, and determining your remodeling aspect gives you a gist of the project’s time. This pool remodeling timeline gives you a general orchestration of your pool renovation as you plan on embarking on it. It’s also vital to consider unanticipated situations that may vary this timeline, making it longer or shorter.

Week 1 to week 2: embark on planning on your visualized pool

Time is vitally important as you plan on remodeling your pool – and you need lots of it. Munching a good share of your time helps you gather enough information to decide the look of your dream pool. It’s also crucial that you prioritize consultations from a pool professional around you to advise you on the ideal expert recommendations, product ideas, and designs. If possible, have a chat with up to three experienced contractors before settling on working with one. This ideation and design process should ideally take up to two weeks, and as you are on it, you should keep these seven things in mind about pool remodeling.

Week 3 to week 4: Dismantling your existing pool

This process can take close to two weeks, but the timeline varies depending on the size of the pool and the difficulty of the task. If it’s replacing your old pool tile or sophisticated pool deck remodeling, it requires your contractor to get enough time for it.

Week 5 to week 7: Resuscitating your pool design

After dismantling your pool, renovations can be underway, and the time this process takes depends on the load of work in waiting. This process’s timeline varies depending on the complexity of the renovation design. Complex projects forecast a two to the three-week timeline before completion. Conversely, more straightforward resurfacing projects take a contractor a week or two to complete.

Aggregate time for pool renovation

Depending on the size of the pool, your pool’s renovation timeline can take between 4 to 8 weeks. Other factors determining this timeline include the design’s complexity, your contactor’s schedule, and material availability. If your current contractor has given you an unreasonably long remodeling timeline that doesn’t fit your projected remodeling timescale, feel at liberty to reach out to our company. We promise to work with you at your convenience and meet your timeline expectations with high-quality pool remodeling services.



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