How to Make Homemade Pool Chemical

Keeping the swimming water clean and the PH levels balanced can be a daunting task when you hate using chlorines and other chemicals in your pool’s water that are potentially dangerous to human health and the environment. To help put your mind at ease and help get your swimming water clean with proper PH levels, you can use natural household ingredients instead to create a homemade pool chemical cleaner instead.

Ingredients Necessary 

The ingredients you will need to create the homemade product are a 20 pounds of baking soda, 40 pounds of sea salt and a 4 fluid ounce bottle of tea tree oil. Baking soda helps with the PH levels and deodorizes the water while the sea salt and tea tree oil kills harmful bacteria and softens the pool’s water. Once you have these ingredients, combine them together in a wheelbarrow or large container with your hands until well blended. After, you homemade chemical is ready for balancing and cleansing your pool’s water naturally.

Using the Chemical 

To use the homemade pool chemical, scoop the entire product into the swimming water and allow it to dissolve. You may even want to allow the kiddos or the swimming loving people of the household to get into the pool and splash around a bit to get the chemical worked into the water well. You do not have to worry though, the chemical will not cause any harm to the individuals taking a swimming. Just make sure they do not swallow the pools water because it will be salty and tea tree oil should not be swallowed in large amounts. Otherwise, do not worry, the mixture is completely safe and will actually sanitize the human body too. In fact, your swimming loving friends will come out of the pool with less body odor and smelling fresh and clean like tea tree oil, which is surprisingly uplifting and refreshing.

End Notes

Once your home made mixture has worked into the pool’s water, the swimming water should be a lot safer to swim in with balanced PH levels and less bacteria. You can use this remedy in the swimming water a few times a month to keep the swimming water clean and fun to play all the time. Just be sure to scoop the bug and debris out once in awhile with the cleaning neat to keep the swimming area squeaky clean.