Why Hire A Pool Fence company

Why Hire A Pool Fence Company And Not Just Do It Yourself?


Every year, over 300 children will drown in home swimming pools. While there is no federal law calling for mandatory fencing, many local and state laws apply. Now that you’ve decided on a pool, responsibility says that you should install a fence as well. Besides safety, a fence will also help keep out wind swept trash and some wildlife that might claim your pool as a personal watering hole.


So the million dollar question is, hire a company that specializes in swimming pool fencing, a general contractor or do it yourself? Each has pros and cons, but as with anything, specialists will always hold an edge.


Hiring a professional pool fencing company will provide you with a superior quality job. This is all they do and more than likely, they have mastered it and even developed certain “tricks of the trade”. You’ll receive a guarantee for the work done from an established company that depends on satisfied customers. If there’s a problem, they’ll get right back to fix it.


With an independent contractor, their ability to make money depends on getting the job done on time. If there is a problem with your fence, they have the choice of taking men off the current job for little or no money and possibly missing their deadline or making you wait until they can spare the time. Guess which choice they go with 99% of the time?


Training is everything. While your general contractor might have installed fences before, how can you be sure his crew has? Do they have experience with self-closing gates and self-locking gates? A company that does nothing but install swimming pool fences knows the importance of properly installed gates. To top that, most companies that manufacture new products in fencing will often train companies that sell their products in proper install procedures.


As you can see, the sun shines much brighter on the company install vs. the general contractor install. There is the final issue, the cost factor. Chances are, the general contractor will likely be less expensive than the company. To keep good employees at full time costs a bit more and those costs are factored down to you, the customer.


In the long run, as the old adage says; “You get what you pay for.” Your general contractor might be cheaper, but you loose out on the many advantages the company installers bring. Quality should always beat cost.


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