How to Heat a Swimming Pool Quickly?


There is no doubt at all that swimming is a famous activity during hot summer months. It is uncommon to see swimming pools of different sizes in the backyards of most homes. Water inside the pools will drop to chilly temperatures when the sun goes down and it will take several hours for the water to warm up. But there are ways on how to heat a swimming pool quickly. Here are a few tips that you need to follow if you want to heat a pool:


Use a gas swimming pool heater

The benefit that gas heaters have compared to other heat pumps is their short heating time and ability in heating in any weather. Because of high prices of gas and low ratings, gas heaters are costly to operate. They are cost effective if used sporadically. Gas heaters benefit swimming pool owners who stay in climates where temperature is low and owners who heat the pool several times in the year.

Use floor return lines

In a swimming pool return lines are pipes that return water back. Most of the return lines return water to the surface of the pool. Heat rises therefore when you return lines water will be returned to the warm part of the pool. The warm water will become warm and the cold water will remain cold. If you use return lines water will be returned to the coldest area of the pool. Cold water becomes warm and warm water on the surface will remain warm. The benefit of floor return lines is that they heat a pool effectively and quickly.

Use a solar cover

A solar cover is also known as solar blanket. It is a large plastic that resembles bubble wrap and lie on top of the swimming pool. It can be found in various colors and sizes. Before you purchase one, it is advisable that you get a few tips from friends and other pool owners in your area. The solar cover acts as the barrier between the pool and air. It helps to minimize heat loss and retains the heat.

How to heat a swimming pool quickly is a simple process but should be done in the right way. If you do not know how it is done, it’s prudent that you look for experts who are experienced enough in this area. They will guide you on the right track.


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