Last Updated on August 12, 2020

 A Guide To Lighting Your Pool Area

Especially in the warmer months, decks, porches, and patios around the pool are some your house’s most important “rooms.” They’re the perfect venues for leisurely brunches, festive grills, and just hanging out after a relaxing swim. But, when the sun goes down, you don’t want to scrimp on beauty or have any unnecessary hassle because your pool area is poorly lit. Here are a few lighting tips to keep your sacred space stunning and safe:


1. Aquatics.

Hidden lights at the edges of your pond or pool, or even underwater will add an extra touch of glamour, and make it safer and more fun for you and your guests to swim at night. Just make sure the lights you choose are waterproof!


2. Landscaping.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy your favorite flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs during your late night swims? Once you choose your space’s focal points, the right outdoor lighting will let you do just that. For example, a bright, weatherproof up-light at the base of each tree around your patio is a regal way to beautify your whole yard!


3. Thoroughfares.

For paths leading from your home to the pool, you’ll probably want to invest in some path lights. These can be really fun, you can choose between plain white and color-changing varieties, with an array of battery operated options so you don’t have to worry about unsightly power cords.


4. Structures.

Rope or tape lights along the handrails of your porch will not only help you and your guests see at night, but the warm glow will give the whole space a magical ambiance.  Other places that benefit from stylish accent lights include dining areas on decks and patios, and staircases (lighting these areas also make negotiating them in the dark much more manageable).


5. Sensors.light-the-pool

Automating your lights with motion sensors, photo sensors, and/or timers will save you endless hassle every night. They’ll keep the lights on when you need them, and shut them off when you don’t. Photo sensors and timers are perfect for those areas you want constantly lit at night, and motions sensors are more ideal for utilitarian purposes. Both will keep your home and pool area extra safe.


6. Barbecue Lights.

If you love cooking for friends and family after a long afternoon swim, you may want to invest in a small barbecue or grill light. They clip or rest easily on your grill, and allow you to see perfectly while cooking in the dark. You’ll never risk cooking mishaps like burning yourself or undercooking meat!


7. LEDs.

Here’s a final piece of trivia: LED lights don’t attract any bugs, because they don’t emit UV rays like other light sources. Therefore, if you choose to light your pool area with LEDs, you won’t have to deal with hundreds of pesky insects swarming around. Finally, you can relax in peace!

There are nearly limitless choices of how to light your pool – it’s the perfect opportunity to exercise your creativity and show off a space you’re really proud of!