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Many people are using YELP as their first choice when they are choosing a certain business or service. Many small businesses believe however that Yelp is filtering their good reviews out, unless they purchase advertising. A Class Action Lawsuit was filed against YELP recently, where business owners accused the online company for distortion. They claimed that YELP promised to remove bad reviews if they advertise with them. We’ve been contacted numerously to sign up but we always declined. Their basic advertising costs $300/month and they require us to sign a minimum of one year contract. Even though we were not promised bad review removal, we believe that this could be the reason for our positive reviews disappearing and only negative showing.


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Guardian Pool Fence Systems Corporate office has 3 reviews on Yelp, 2 bad and one good.  You would think that most of our customers are dissatisfied with us. However when I log in to our business account I see that we have 15 filtered reviews that are NOT showing to visitors:



“I am extremely happy with the fence from Guardian Fence Co.  It was specially made to my specifications to ensure the safety of our little dogs.  The rep who came to our house for the original bid was fabulous and the install was done in a timely fashion in spite of the fact that this was a special order.  The installer was professional, quick and very pleasant.  Here is a shout out to Gabe, Steve and the great office ladies who took care of me each time I called with an inquiry.” – Valerie B – Woodland Hills


“My guardian is functional, safe and I purchased it because I have small dogs; my neighbors have small children and safety was my first concern. I wanted to reduce my liability and respect my city’s codes and for the safety of my neighbors. I am extremely pleased. I can go on vacation and feel completely secure.” – Angel T. Calabasas


“I am a dealer my self for Guardian Pool Fence in Florida. I could have chosen to become a dealer from a local company here in Florida but I did not. I chose Guardian because their product is far superior to any others in the business. Steve, the owner of Guardian was very nice and runs his business right. He cares very much about his business and he loves what he does. I am glad to have become a dealer for him and am happy I chose Guardian.” – Lee L. Tarpon Springs


“Very good customer service, when I called them to schedule the free estimate they were professional from A to Z. The installation went smooth, the guy was in and out in a couple of hours. I got follow up emails, they make you feel that you are important. I now have a nice fence around the pool. I was worried first that it won’t  look good but it’s actually attractive.” – Vili O, Fort Lauderdale


“we have had our fence   for 11 years, it is still in great shape, the peace of mind when the grand kids are around is worth every penny of the cost. It has also worked great to keep my golden retriever out of the pool and then coming thru the dog door wet.” – bill  k. – Canyon Country CA

“We LOVE our fence! We had it installed about 8 years ago now and it is still like new! It is an excellent safety fence that also allows us to enjoy the beauty of our pool without a lot of ugly obstruction with metal gates and bars. It has given us peace of mind when the kids are out back playing. And, it look more like a creative feature rather than a fence. We are VERY happy and wouldn’t go any other way and have recommended Guardian to others!” – TKS – Exter CA


“I have had their fence for over 6 years and have recommended it to a bunch of my friends. They have stood by the product on multiple occasions. My dog has chewed throw the fense 4 times in the last 6 years and they have come out and put up a whole new section of fence for free…….yes for free. Also, the installers have been great…very helpful and nice to work with.” – Casey C – Folsom CA


“I have had their fence for over 10 years and have recommended it to a dozen other pool owners. They have stood by the product on multiple occasions, even when my pool guy fell into the pole and bent it beyond repoar. I have also since the initial install had tehm come out and add a pet fence in for me as well as anther fence around my in-laws pool. For the money and the safety awareness, i can’t see how anyone wouldn’t use the. I found the service/installation/and recommendations provided extremely valuable and proactive.” – Tim P. – Monterey Park CA





 “We live in the high desert North of LA where it gets really hot, windy and very cold in winter months.  This fence came down today after 13 years of life saving work.  That’s right  all 4 my grandchildren swim like fish!!     This fence (2 gates around my 15×30′ pool) has served my family and hundreds of children at play for countless hours…but most importantly it has given my wife and I total peace of mind which is PRICELESS.  Only some minor wear over the years which is to be expected.  The fence never lost its strength.  So contacted the folks at guardian and was able the little caps that go in the holes where the fence was located.  I can’t thank the folks at Guardian enough for such a wonderful product.  I rolled the fence up, bagged and stored it away for the GREAT grandchildren ….Thank you so very much” – Bob M – Canyon Country CA


“I want to thank you for your professionalism, impeccable workmanship and service in the installation of the safety fence.  Your assistance and patience in every aspect of this endeavor is very much appreciated.  I can’t express what a difference that extra safety precaution has made in easing my worries.” – Jennifer T – Dallas TX


“They sell a good product that is why we chose them, HOWEVER their installers and distributors are worthless  and the company make  no effort to correct anything nor do they care. You would think in this day and age they would provide better customer service and value paying customers. We do do our research and was provided information on a area rep, HAHAHA that is a bunch of baloney. They are independent contractors and back up none of their work.” – Marie S., Indio




I regret to hear that you had a bad experience with the local dealer. We strive for high customer satisfaction and open to solve any reasonable issues. I am sad to hear that you were unhappy with the installation and I hope the fence that you had installed is the quality you expected. We 100% behind our products with warranty. Please let us know if you have any trouble with our fence in the future.




 “Steve Sadinsky sent a top-flight team over to install his Guardian Pool Safety Fence at a client’s home in Palos Verdes. Excellent work. Not only did they do a great install, but they also provided some insights on other pool elements that can be enhanced for safety and for the architectural look and feel of the pool. Top-notch all around. Thanks for the great experience. A happy Guardian Pool Fence client “on the hill”. – Mark – Blaine WA


“If I could give a zero star I would. First appt. with the estimator went fine. I was happy with the presentation that I decided to have the install done. Made the appt for the install with the estimator since he was my point of contact. He confirmed the appt and said we were good to go on a Sat. between the hours of 8-11am. No one shows up and the estimator takes several hours to call back and apologize. Saying there was an error made at the office. Fine I understand mistakes are made. Call the office on Monday to speak with the owner. He starts off berating me saying what did I expect since they never had a signed contract from me. After explaining the story he changes his tune and offers to knock $50.00 off the $1400 contract. (Whatever!) So I make a new appt with the owner and he takes a deposit from me even though he doesn’t have a signed contract. So the appt is for the up coming Sat. between 11am and 1pm. Guess what, come 1:15pm no one shows up or calls. Estimator does not return phone calls. At 3:30pm the installer calls and says he is on his way. He tells me that he called at 1pm and left a message on the answering machine that he was running late. Interesting considering I was at home the whole time and there was no message on the machine or number on the caller ID. I point this out to him and he tells me he had poor reception. (How can he than have gotten a message machine and left a message than?) We tell him that we would like a discount on the contract for having wasted two weeks of our time. He calls the owner and all they were willing to take off was another $50.00. We proceed to tell them to not bother coming and we will take our business elsewhere. My advice is to find another company as if their service is reflective of their product and installation I can’t imagine it lasting long and having them stand behind their warranty.” – TB Monrovia


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Our high percentage of customers are satisfied. You can never make everyone happy, but we always do our best. These are all legit reviews, if you’d like to call to find out yourself, we can provide customer’s phone numbers .


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