Grilling Safety

Grilling Safety Tips for the Outdoors

grillingThere is no better way to announce to the world that warm weather has arrived than throwing some burgers and dogs on the grill out back and watching them sizzle! Grilling your foods on the bb-Que is one of the most popular ways to make food and has become a summer icon in the minds of Americans everywhere. The perfect aroma and the mouthwatering taste are enough to make anyone long for those summer days but don’t forget to keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Following these common-sense safety tips will have you as the resident outdoor chef accepting orders from the entire neighborhood before the summer is done.


It’s all fun and games until somebody burns down a house. Seriously. Fire departments on average respond to almost 8,000 calls a year involving grills or barbecues that lead to injuries, property damage and sometimes even death. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it if you need to. It’s easy to become distracted while tending to the grill, but someone needs to always be keeping a watchful eye on the flames.

Read the manual! 

This seems like it might be something that you would do without being told, but if you’re truly honest, when was the last time you actually read a manual? It might be okay to skip the manual on something like putting together your new dresser, but when we are dealing with fire, it is a no-brainer. Oh, and if you read the manual for your grill and think you know how they all work, think again. Your grill is going to work differently from your buddy’s and that one is going to be different from your father-in-law’s. Just read the manual and save yourself the time, embarrassment and possible injury if something doesn’t go right.


There is a minimum distance around your grill that must be kept clear (See manual for minimum distance). Remember, pretty much everything in the path of the grill will burn if given the slightest chance, so don’t give it a chance. Take this into account when having back yard cookouts and gatherings.

Food safety

Now that the actual fire is safely dealt with, remember that the food you are cooking can carry a multitude of disease and bacteria with it. (Yummy, right?) Just follow common sense and remember to keep it cool until right before you start to cook it as well as refrigerate it when you are done eating it. It’s easy to lounge around the table a little longer and forget about the food lying there, but making sure your food is kept at proper temperatures will ensure that everyone goes home feeling good and that you have return guests at your next backyard grilling party.


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