Last Updated on August 25, 2023

Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool


Landscaping by the pool can make your pool look much better, increasing the value of your home. Whether you want to get technical with concrete features, fountains, gardens, or if you want a simple landscape for your pool every touch makes it better! With many future hours to spend by your pool now is a great time to make you pool look as homie as you can. Here are some great landscaping ideas for your swimming pool that you can do to look and feel great.


Add a garden


This classic idea is probably the easiest to do that will drastically change how your pool looks. Planning is always the most important thing to do before you create a garden. Things to plan for are the theme, the colors of your garden, raised vs. un-raised flower beds, container use, flowers vs no flowers, and many more options.


Add featured lighting


Lighting can make your pool shine after sunset. Landscape lights come in many shapes and sizes but it is best to stick with one type of light so that your pool landscaping is consistent with your theme and doesn’t look unorganized. Things to think about when choosing lights are: the color, brightness, size, and its energy usage. With the right lighting you can make it so that your pool sparkles, has a colorful glow, and can help to show off key aspects of your pool area.  Lighting can make a ominous tree by your pool look amazing and inviting and can add green and brown colors to balance out the color of your pool.


Don’t forget walkways and stone features


Walkways have a way of showing people organization for easy movability around the pool. Great pool walkways are comfortable to walk on, interesting to look at and provide an alternative to walking in the garden. Often times, decorative concrete or stone is the best way to go when for astonishing walkways.


If you want to take your pool to the next level adding stone features can do it. Stone features, (often called hardscape) can add a rustic feel to your pool. You can create a waterfall with stone features that will definitely wow your visitors to your next pool barbecue. There are many different ways to utilize hardscape like creating stone walls, fountains, and outdoor lounging areas.


Combining these three pool area ideas is sure to spell success and raise the property value of you home and not to mention the fun factor! Try them out on your next pool landscaping projects!