How to Keep Frogs Out of My Swimming Pool

keep frogs away from swimming pool      

You wake up on Saturday morning, refreshed after a long work week, and put on a bathing suit for some relaxing time in the pool. You step to the edge…only to find that frogs have made their way into the pool overnight. How can you keep these pesky critters out?

There are numerous steps you can take to prevent frogs and other pests from entering your pool:

  • Keep your yard and/or pool lights off at night. Bugs are drawn to light and frogs tend to settle where the insects are concentrated.
  • Cover your pool when not in use. It’s much easier to remove frogs from the pool cover than it is to retrieve them from the water itself.
  • Treat your yard with an insecticide to limit the number of pests living in near proximity to your pool. Without insects, frogs have a low food supply and will likely look elsewhere.
  • Create a saltwater mixture and use a spray bottle to apply around the perimeter of your pool. The salt causes burning and the frog will usually turn around and head in the other direction quickly.
  • A last resort is a frog repellent spray around the perimeter, which kills frogs and other pests on contact.

Enjoy your pool without diving for frogs first with these clever tips and tricks.