Fresh Pool Landscaping Ideas

swimming poolBrighten Up Your Backyard with Fresh Pool Landscaping Ideas

Adding a pool to your backyard creates opportunities to relax and have fun with your family and friends. If you’ve invested the time and money into making your backyard a beautiful extension of your indoor living space, you’ll want to be sure the addition of a swimming pool doesn’t detract from that. The landscaping and fencing you use around your swimming pool can help it blend in with the rest of the yard and make it an extension of the fun and relaxing atmosphere you’ve already created. Use these tips to create a beautifully landscaped area around your pool that’s both attractive and safe.

  • Choosing the Right Pool for Your Yard. There are many factors that go into deciding whether or not to look at in-ground pools or pools above ground. If your current landscaping creates a beautiful open space, you probably don’t want to disrupt that with an above ground pool. On the other hand, if you like the idea of dividing your yard into separate areas, such as a cooking/dining area, yard game area and swimming area, then pools above ground would be an ideal consideration to create a natural division.
  • Recommended Plants for Pool Area Landscaping. Whether you live in a climate that’s warm all year around or not, there will be days when you cannot use your pool but still want it to be an attractive area. Evergreen plants that thrive in your climate can beautify the pool area whether it’s in use or not. Choose from boxwood, azalea or holly shrubs. Check your hardiness climate zone to choose plants that work best, such as Birds of Paradise in a tropical climate or clematis growing on a trellis.
  • Plants to Avoid. A safe pool area is very important to everyone who uses it and the landscaping around your swimming pool contributes to that safety. When selecting landscaping plants for the swimming pool area, there are two types of plants you should avoid: those with thorns or prickles and those that attract bees. Prickles and thorns can be very painful if someone brushes too close to the landscaping on the way to the pool. Likewise, bee stings hurt and can be life-threatening for someone with a bee sting allergy.
  • Deck Design Considerations. The deck you install around or near your pool can serve many purposes, ranging from utilitarian to relaxing and decorative. One way to make sure it blends with the rest of your backyard is to choose materials that complement any other materials used in your yard. If you have cedar fencing or wood chips in your backyard, a cedar wood deck will create a pool area that flows with the rest of the yard.
  • Keeping the Pool Area Safe. There will be times when other areas of your yard are in use, but the pool is not. During these times and at night, it’s important to keep the pool area secure so your family, your pets and any other critters or people remain safe. Check with your pool installation team about pool fencing or a cover to see which option is most appropriate for your swimming pool.

Warm weather fun and relaxation in your own backyard is priceless. By putting a little thought into your pool area landscaping, you can ensure that the addition of a swimming pool, deck and safety fencing doesn’t end up being an eyesore. The memories you create with family and friends in the comfort of your own beautiful backyard will be a lifelong reward for the short amount of time and consideration you put into making your pool fit with your backyard landscaping.


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