The Best Flotation Devices For Kids


If you have kids around you when near the water, you need to be sure that each of them has a flotation device. There are multiple styles available for you to choose from, depending on the individual needs of the youngster. Consider the following:

Floating Swimsuits

These are a good choice for children when you are going to be in a small, enclosed area such as a swimming pool, not the beach or a river. Inside of the swimming suit is a flotation device that will keep the child afloat. One benefit to these is that it does not have to be held in any manner.

Arm Bands

A popular choice for the local swimming pool, particularly for younger children who have yet to learn how to swim, arm bands fit snuggly on the upper part of the arms. Kids can play with them on though they cannot dive under water, which is a good thing at that skill level!


Life Vest

One of the best known flotation devices is the life vest. You can use these in or near any body of water to increase the safety of every member of your party. For kids, it is essential that you have the correct size, rechecking regularly to keep up with growth spurts. An ill fitting life vest may fail at a critical moment.

Back Float

You can use a back float when your child is learning how to swim. This is a simple device that you strap to their back that will hold the child afloat until they learn how to do it themselves.

Inflatable Animals

You can provide floating animals for older kids to play with, though these should not be considered for an emergency situation.

No matter what the age of your child, you can increase their fun with a flotation device, however, you should never leave a child unattended in the pool, these devices are not designed for safety.


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