Do Fish Ponds Need Pool Fencing?

Pond Fence Requirements

Ponds add beauty and elegance to your property; it is also fun to watch and care for the fish and other creatures that you have added to it. Ponds are also a great way to enjoy fish in a more natural environment than a traditional fish tank.  It encourages frogs and other species to become part of a natural habitat, creating new life and generating a whole new ecosystem.

You can teach your kids all about the fish and the plants in the pond, and it can be a great teaching tool. They will be fascinated with the fish and the minnows swimming around, and may even offer to help you take care of the fish by feeding them.

If you have small children at home, you may want to find out if your city requires you to put pool fencing around your pond to keep your children safe from the possibility of falling in the water and drowning. There is no federal law that requires fencing around a pond, but your city may have its own jurisdiction, so be sure to ask when you are having your pond installed.

Fencing is not only a good way to keep your children safe, but keep your fish and other creatures safe from predators. Pool fencing will keep racoons and other four-legged animals away from your pond. Not to mention your dog who may want to try drinking the water, or your cat who may have an interest in eating your Koi fish.

Fencing can be an attractive part of your pond, as well. it does not have to be a chain-link or picket fence which would take away from the beauty of the pond and its surroundings. You could certainly make the fence part of the garden, and still reap its protective rewards.

Ponds are one of the best ways to bring the beauty of nature into your garden, but you certainly have to keep in mind the possibility of a fencing requirement. This is easy to do when you set up your pond; have your pond maintenance person give you a referral.