Finding The Right Pool Fence

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Finding the right pool fence and making it work for your safety needs

To some people, the most important part of their pool is along the lines of temperature, tiling, having a cool diving board, or a motorized tanning raft. But if you think about it, the most important part of your pool isn’t even in it – it’s around it.

I’m talking about the pool fence, of course. In all reality, a pool is just a big, open body of water and while it can be a great source of entertainment, relaxation or socialization, it’s just not always safe. Every year, hundreds of small children drown in pools, not to mention older people that trip or animals that get trapped and cannot get out. It’s not only your kids you need to worry about – you also need to worry about neighbors and friends that may be over.

It’s uncommon these days to find a pool that doesn’t have a fence – however, if you have just built a pool or you have moved into a new house lacking a fence, you will want to install a fence.

Even if your pool does have a fence, it’s a good idea to regularly check to make sure it is up to code and hasn’t rusted away to nothing all winter.

Now, perhaps a pool fence isn’t in your budget. But is a horrible death in your budget? How about a lawsuit? Now you’re thinking. Fences are the perfect liability protection.

Since you can’t predict the future, it’s sometimes best to prepare for it. A mesh fence that’s removable would work perfectly if, for example, you decided you wanted to fill in your pool or upgrade with a spa, or whatever. It’ll also be much easier and cheaper to repair over the years.

However, while a mesh removable fence may work well with your children or any other accidents, pets are a big concern, especially medium to large sized dogs. Be careful when shopping around for this type of mesh fence, because if you buy a cheap, weak brand, your dog might have the fortitude to claw through it, jump into the pool and not be able to get out and drown.

Some pool companies do provide a mesh netting that is strong enough against even very large dogs, so it’s really just a matter of shopping around. You owe it to yourself and to the future of everyone to be safe.

Do you need a pool fence?