With the holidays just around the corner and many online shops stocking up on discount summer essentials, it’s time to draw your attention to one vital fashion accessory that everyone needs – a new swimming suit. But with so much choice, how do you decide which to buy this holidays for a great look? Well thanks to this handy little guide, you’ll look awesome this summer, whether lying on a tropical beach or staying closer to home with a quick paddle.


The One Piece or Two Piece Dilemma

The first thing you need to decide on when buying a new swimming suit is whether to go for a one piece or a two piece, and even then there are further options available in the form of a bikini, tankini and more! One piece swimming costumes are more flattering on most body types than two pieces and are often more practical too, staying in place for swimming and other water sports. However if you prefer a two piece, the style of the season is a bandeau bikini with skimpy briefs. Luckily this summer, both one piece swimming suits and two pieces are both in trend – read on to find out more about these styles to buy.


The Two Piece

As mentioned, the style of the season in the two piece swim wear arena is the bandeau bikini. This is a strapless style and typically characterized by central detailing in between the cups. This style lends itself well to slimmer frames and less well-endowed busts. To get the hottest look this season, look for large faux gem stone detailing in the center with ocean inspired colors being key such as blues, greens or turquoises. Make sure these gem stones are faceted to reflect and bounce the sunlight around for a more glamorous look.


When it comes to the second part of the two pieces, look for skimpy cut briefs, ideally with side tie detailing. Although tie detailing can make bikini bottoms a tad difficult to wear with modesty, especially for water sports, you’ll be pleased to hear that this season most of the tie detail is false, allowing you to get the look without the trauma in the water of losing your briefs. Again gem stones can be found threaded onto the ties for that all important hint of glamour.


Faceted gem stones will add a touch of glamour to your beach look


The One Piece

The style of one piece which is in fashion this summer has a medium cut and modest style. Flattering on all body frames, medium height leg holes and a demure neckline play a vital role in achieving a feminine look. Key colors for this season are more muted shades such as mid-toned grey, ivory, off-white and cream, however subtle pale blues will also lend themselves well to the style as well as ochre shades too.


In keeping with a gem stone theme seen in two piece swim wear styles, this season pearls play a key part in achieving a glamorous yet elegant look whether on the beach or in the water. Look for pearl detailing around the neckline or edges of the leg whilst larger panels of artificial pearls can be found around the waist area and down side panels. A simple string of vintage pearls around your neck will help to complete the elegant look.


Vintage pearls complete the look


So there you have it, two great looks which are sure to see you through the coming summer in absolute style.


Author Bio: This article has been provided by Danny James at Mailsports – the online premier performance swimwear store.