Last Updated on March 5, 2019

Los Angeles Building Code

Los Angeles is known for having great weather. Of course, it’s only natural that many of us have pools. We all want our family to be safe and to keep them safe you need a pool fence.  The best fences will not only keep your family safe but withstand the elements if sunny Los Angeles decides to throw a curve ball with rain or heavy winds.

Guardian pool fence Los Angeles is the #1 safest and strongest mesh pool fence.  In addition to being strong and reliable Guardian fences have patented a climb resistant gate design. What does this mean for you?  This means no matter how curious your kids become you will have the piece of mind knowing that they will always be safe around your pool.

Each year, thousands of lives are lost in in-ground swimming pool accidents.

The simple addition of a pool fence could have prevented these senseless tragedies. If you have your own gorgeous backyard oasis complete with in-ground pool, a pool fence is an absolute must. Here’s a quick look at why you need to ensure your pool is completely fenced in, as well as information on pool fence codes and what safety features to look for when choosing a fence.

Why do You Need an In-ground Pool Fence?

The answer is simple. Installing a pool fence is a security measure that prevents others, particularly children, pets, and wild animals, from gaining unsupervised access to your in-ground pool. In addition, making certain you have a fence in place could help you avoid potentially expensive and time consuming lawsuits. In some cases, pool owners with no pool fence in place have been held liable for negligence, willful or wanton misconduct, inadequate supervision, and attractive nuisance, meaning he or she didn’t take reasonable precautions when certain elements are met.

Pool Fence Codes

Currently, there are no federal pool fence codes in place. Instead, each municipality may have its own code for pool safety. Information on the city of Los Angeles building code can be found here. As of April 1, 2011, Guardian’s Premiere Pool Fence, a mesh fence with a locking sleeve design, has passed the most stringent of California laws and has been tested and certified to meet LA building code guidelines. The Premiere Pool Fence’s one-of-a-kind technology ensures your fence stays in place and can only be taken apart with a screwdriver or similar tool.

What to Look for when Choosing the Safest Fence?

Not all pool fences are the same; some are just safer than others. Safety features you need to look for include:

Height of no less than 4 feet tall: All in-ground pool fences should be tall enough to prevent a child from climbing over it. At Guardian, a four feet high pool fence is the lowest height we offer.

Self-closing, self-latching gates and doors: A fence is only good if it is being used properly. This means ensuring it is closed and latched at all times. Opting for a self-closing, self-latching gate with the latch positioned well above where the child can reach means you will always know your pool is protected.

An impenetrable fence pattern: Your fence’s pattern should be one that prevents a child from climbing over or under it, as well as through any slats. Mesh pool fences are a great option because they are woven with steel, providing a strong barrier, require minimal maintenance, and will not wear down or corrode.

For added protection, you may want to consider a gate alarm that sounds when someone opens the latch. However, this isn’t necessary. Simply fencing in your pool with a top-of-the-line Guardian pool fence are an effective first line of safety.

Designed with safety in mind and using the latest technology and high-quality materials, Guardian pool fences provide the barrier you need to ensure safety. If you are in the market for an in-ground pool fence, look no further than Guardian.



As of April 1,st 2011 Guardian’s Premiere Pool Fence Los Angeles has passed the most stringent of California laws.  It is also the only mesh pool that has been tested and certified to meet the city of Los Angeles building code. The main reason for this is in the locking sleeve design. This one of a kind technology ensures that your fence stays in place and can only be taken apart by using a screwdriver or similar device.


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