Do I Need Fence Around My Pool?

Los Angeles Building Code


Los Angeles is known for having great weather. Of course, it’s only natural that many of us have pools. We all want our family to be safe and to keep them safe you need a pool fence.  The best fences will not only keep your family safe but withstand the elements if sunny Los Angeles decides to throw a curve ball with rain or heavy winds.


Guardian pool fence Los Angeles is the #1 safest and strongest mesh pool fence.  In addition to being strong and reliable Guardian fences have patented a climb resistant gate design. What does this mean for you?  This means no matter how curious your kids become you will have the piece of mind knowing that they will always be safe around your pool.


Living in California can be tricky and having proper building codes is crucial to living a worry free life.  As of April 1,st 2011 Guardian’s Premiere Pool Fence Los Angeles has passed the most stringent of California laws.  It is also the only mesh pool that has been tested and certified to meet the city of Los Angeles building code. The main reason for this is in their locking sleave design. This one of a kind technology ensures that your fence stays in place and can only be taken apart by using a screwdriver or similar device.


Guardian pool fences are the best in Los Angeles with your safety in mind.  So next time you need a fence look no further than Guardian!