Fantastic Swimming Pool Decorations for the Holidays




Snowy scenes are the base for traditional images of the Christmas season. However, if you live in Florida, Southern California or any part of the country where the temperatures rarely drop below freezing, a snow-filled holiday is unlikely. However, that does not mean that you can’t decorate your property in celebration. Try these ideas for your swimming pool:

Floating Lights


While you can add lights to the exterior of your home, why not include colorful lighting for your swimming pool? Use colored lights or light covers that have been rated as safe for use in the pool and follow the usage instructions carefully.


Decorative Inflatables

You can find Santa and accessories designed as inflatable decorations. Use them in or around the pool to show the holiday icon at your home. For extra fun, create a scene with some parts in the pool and others nearby. Perhaps Santa fell into the pool while the sleigh and reindeer sit safely on the ground. Use your imagination and have fun!


Faux Ornaments

You can use colorful balls to simulate ornaments on the Christmas tree. Design a color theme and coordinate with the floating lights for a truly magical effect perfect for holiday parties.


Speaking of parties, make sure that safety is a consideration for all of your decoration choices. For the members of your household and anyone who might drop by, you need to ensure that all cords have been properly secured and that connections are all approved by the product manufacturers.

When your holiday weather resembles a postcard from the tropics rather than snow-capped mountains, you can still have fun with your decorations. You can use these ideas to inspire your choices for the swimming pool. Whether you choose these or something else, such as a melted snowman in the pool, have fun and make sure that you set up everything safely. Then, enjoy the holiday!