winter pool partyFall Pool Party Ideas


September is the end of summer which means the last pool party of the year. Here are some cool pool party ideas to get you started.

Use an Autumn or Halloween themed idea for your last pool party of the year.  Stores will have their shelves stocked with Fall and Halloween Decor. Buy real pumpkins for decor, freeze them and then carve a jack-o-lantern for your porch.  Be as creative as possible with food, fun, and games. Set up a candy bar like the ones used at weddings with tricks and treats. Have someone wear a scary costume and chase kids into the pool.  Be sure you remind everyone about pool safety as they arrive at the party.

Have a Penguin pool party. Ask your guests to wear black and white. Make videos of people walking around the pool like penguins to share later. Serve cupcakes with a fondant fish on top. Find some plastic fish and play a game to see who can catch the fish in their mouth while jumping into the pool. You could have a karaoke contest and let each person sing their heart song. Penguins are great swimmers.  Have prizes available for the fastest swimmers. Don’t forget to use ice in your drinks.

A night-time Holiday themed party would be exciting with colored lights strung on your pool fence. Emphasize pool safety rules especially in the dark. Create a food menu before the party and wrap the complete meal individually per person like a gift. Play holiday music in the background to get guests in the spirit. Float glow in the dark stars in the pool and use them for a timed game to see who can gather the most stars in a minute.


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