Essential Supplies You Need to Maintain a Perfect Pool

You will be more than aware of the benefits of having a pool. Fun, relaxation, exercise, and a great backdrop for parties right in your own backyard. None of this will matter if the pool is full of debris or bugs. And nobody wants to dive into  cloudy water. Pool maintenance is essential and needs to be done often to keep the pool clean and clear. With the right tools and supplies, preventative care of your pool is easier.

Essential Supplies You Need to Maintain a Perfect Pool

1. Skimmer

Dirt, debris, leaves, flower petals, and bugs can all find their way to the water surface. Even when the wind is not blowing, a pool can end up covered with these things in one day. Keep a skimmer on hand to quickly remove everything from the surface. This leaves your pool clear and inviting, while also preventing the filters from getting blocked up with debris.

2. Brush & Vacuum

Every pool needs a brush and vacuum. An algae brush will help you remove algae from pool surfaces and the vacuum will remove them from the water. Use a stainless steel bristle brush for concrete pools and a nylon bristle brush for vinyl linings. Even with regular skimming, debris will sink to the bottom of the pool and a vacuum is the only way to get it out. If there are larger pieces of debris at the bottom of your pool, you can also buy a telescoping pole to get your brush and vacuum head to the deeper areas of the pool.

3. Chlorine Floater

Chlorine is one of the most essential parts of a healthy pool. You will add shock and chlorine to your pool as needed, which is typically every week or every other week. It is also a good idea to keep a couple of chlorine tablets in a chlorine floater. This makes sure that chlorine levels are maintained in between cleaning sessions so the water stays safe for swimming. Many floaters also have thermometers, which are handy if you want to keep an eye on the water temperature.

4. Various Hoses

It helps to have various hoses on hand for the different cleaning devices you have. The best hoses to get are a vacuum hose of appropriate length and a filter backwash hose. You attach this to the filter when you are vacuuming waste.

5. Chemicals and Test Kit

The very safety of your pool water depends on the chemicals. You can take water samples to a pool store to have the water tested but this can be tedious. Instead, keep chemicals and test kits on hand to keep track of the water yourself. A test kit will help you monitor the pH, alkalinity, chlorine levels, and need for a shock. You should also keep algaecide to get rid of green from algae. This is great when first opening the pool after closure. When you want the bluest water, you will want a clarifier which you can add a few hours after the algaecide.


Whether you just got a pool or have owned one for years, maintenance is the most important aspect. With preventative care and the right tools, your pool will be clean, clear, and ready to dive into. Reach out to us today for any questions about pool safety.



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