Environmentally Friendly Patio

How to Make Your Outdoor Patio Pool More Environmentally Friendly


No matter where you live in the country, the summer season is typically when you use your backyard pool the most, whether this is at home or in an apartment complex. Due to this, it is important to take full advantage of the warmer summer months and turn your patio into a fun-filled adventure with your friends and family. During this time of year, many people throw caution to the wind and go about using an incredible amount of power and electricity, which is a stark contradiction if you’re looking to save on your carbon footprint. Thankfully, there are many ways to turn the patio into a green living opportunity, without spending much money at all. By altering just a few products you typically use during a daily basis, you’ll see a vast improvement in the amount of energy you’re able to save.


Traditionally, grilling with charcoal is an exceptional way to add flavor to your meal, but it also produces a toxic chemical and ash that must be cleaned once the outdoor grilling is over. This is in addition to the chemical starter fluid used to ignite the charcoal. Instead, opting into a propane grill is a vast improvement in the number of gases and toxins you are emitting into the air. Propane is inexpensive, cooks your food faster and is more environmentally friendly. If you prefer the taste of charcoal however, natural lump charcoal is available, which is made from wood and doesn’t contain any chemical treatments.


One of the worst aspects of summer are bugs, especially mosquitoes. Many of the bug lights and equipment used in preventing these pests release a harsh chemical into the atmosphere. Instead, a bug light which uses a compact fluorescent bulb is an exceptional option, as it does not attract bugs or create any harmful chemical reactions. It is also able to last about 10,000 hours.


You don’t have to settle for plastics and other environmentally disastrous furniture when looking to outfit the patio areas. Items created from recycled materials is a great option, plus you can buy furniture made from bamboo and wood which can always be recycled. If you need ice for drinks and aren’t opposed to spending a bit of money, look for an energy-efficient ice maker. This product saves a good deal of electricity, all while ensuring you have cold, refreshing drinks to consume while outside.


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