How To Have An Environment Friendly Pool


Say good-bye to pools designed to hurt the environment and hello to ones that are environmentally friendly. That is right, environmentally friend pools that are run with energy efficient equipment and nontoxic chemicals. This means a safer cooler way for you and your love ones to swim while also helping the environment. If your wondering how you can have an environmentally friendly pool the tips below will help provide you with some clear insight.

#1 Install an Ultraviolet Pool Disinfection System

Instead of using chlorine products to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and sanitary, install an ultraviolet pool disinfection system instead. It will clean the pool water and keep is safe for you and your love ones during swimming time.  If you do not already known, chlorine pollutes the environment and is just as bad to your health as second hand smoke.

#2 Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels and using the energy from it to run your swimming pools ultraviolet pool disinfecting system, filtration systems and pool lights can help make your pool more environmentally friendly.

#3 Heat and Clean the Pool with Solar Pool Covers 

If you love having your pool water warm for comfortable pleasurable swimming in bathwater temperature water, use solar pool covers to heat the water instead of electrical or fuel based heating systems. Not only with the solar pool cover, heat the pool up to bathwater temperature for enjoyable swimming, but they will also help keep harmful bacteria in the water making your pool sanitary to swim in whenever you want to go for a healthy long swim in it.

#4 Replace the Old Pool Pump with an Eco Pump 

Eco pumps use eighty-percent less energy to filter a pool’s water than high electric ones. Most importantly, they can cut your electricity bill in half and you can keep them running for 24-hours each day to ensure your pools water stays free and clear from debris.

#5 Use Eco-Friendly Pool Cleaning Products

If for some reason you need to clean algae from your eco-friendly pool, use eco-friendly cleaning pool products instead of bleach filled kinds that are harmful. You can find eco-friendly pool cleaning products at local pool supply shops or just use vinegar, baking soda or sea salt instead. Vinegar, baking soda and sea salt are able to kill algae naturally so your pool can become clean and stay clean naturally.