The Best Plants for Around a Swimming Pool

After the swimming pool is complete, the next important factor that a pool owner must consider is creating landscape to the pool.  The best plants for around a pool include versatile flowering shrubs, plants and trees.

Heat tolerant plants

The area around the swimming pool is heat haven with reflecting water that is hazardous. There are various types of heat tolerant plants like syringa laciniata and cutleaf lilac that help in solving this problem. The benefit of this plant is that it tolerates high temperature and it is resistant this makes it optimal plant around the pool. Heat tolerant plants are deciduous and grow up to 8 feet.

Drought tolerant shrubs

The benefit of shrubs is that they add dimension to the poolside landscape It is prudent that you plant drought tolerant shrubs around the swimming pool. Another vital factor to keep in mind is the type of branches that the shrub produces. These can be a safety problem around the pool.




Palm trees help to add tropical environment that a pool owner can create around the pool. Banana plants are perennial plants that grow up to twenty feet tall. They help to provide privacy around the pool. Around the poolside the plants are conversation starters with large flowers that create fruit stems. There are a few areas around the pool that are shaded because of nearby trees.

When choosing plants for around a swimming pool, it is good to consider a few factors. Select plants that will not shed into the pool. Cleaning a pool is hard therefore when selecting plants select the ones which are evergreen this is because they will not drop leaves or release thorns and other things that will be trodden around the pool. Select plants that are resistant to heat. Body of water around the pool will serve as heat reflective surface that will scorch plants. This therefore means that the plants that you select should withstand hot temperatures.

When selecting plants for around a swimming pool, choose fragrant plants. It is pleasant to smell sweet fragrance from plants which are around pool area. Keep in mind the possibility to attract bees and other types of insects that are not needed around the pool. Flowers that release fragrance at night during summer make a good choice for the people who like swimming in the evening.