Swimming is fun for both human beings and animals.  You will find many people cooling themselves in a pool on hot warm afternoons either by themselves or together with their pets. That triggers one question in your mind, is it safe to let a dog swim in the backyard pool. I believe you are baffled by this statement, but it is true that most of the pets, including dogs, find themselves regularly into the pool oblivious of the dirt they carry with themselves. It is believed that a dog carries three times the amount of dirt an adult human being can carry. Imagine that one has four dogs, what amount of dirt is introduced into the pool?

When a dog swims in a pool it brings with it dirty materials such as fecal matter, its body pests like mites and louse, insects, body dirt, and body oils into the pool. All these materials are regularly brought into the pool hence contaminating the water making it a health hazard for human beings. This is so since the probability of you or your children ingesting the pool water when swimming is always high. This will contribute to diseases such as diarrhea, respiratory infections, skin disease, and other pathogen-related diseases.

This renders it important for you to protect the in-ground pools from a dog swim or any other pet accessing it since it can cause a lot of health-related implications to your body. The lethality of water-borne pathogens is well known and it is therefore important for you to take protective measures.

Pool owners should take measures to control the health hazard caused by allowing your dog to swim in the in-ground pool.  One of the measures is making a protective fence around the pool to restrain the accessibility of the pets into it. A fence will reduce vulnerability to access by the pet. Other than creating a fence it is important to filter the pool regularly in a bid to remove hairs and other solid substances introduced by the dog swim.

When it is difficult for you to restrain the pets from accessing the pool. They should be treated to ensure they maintain a high level of hygiene.  The dog’s skin should be taken close care of since most of the pets’ skin is similar to that of human beings and any infection on them will definitely be transferred into human skin.