Do You Need Insurance If You Own A Swimming Pool?

insurance and pool ownership


A swimming pool is an amenity you need to take seriously. Once a new swimming pool has been installed in your compound, the first thing you will think of is your first pool party. This is all normal and fine but have you considered the more serious things that matter such as adequate insurance coverage for your new pool?

We get many questions from homeowners. “How much does a new pool cost or cost to maintain?” Or “How much will my insurance increase?” Adding a new boat or RV to your lifestyle will increase your cost of coverage and the same thing will happen when you add a pool. The best way to get your answer is to contact your insurance provider with details of the pool under construction or the pool you intend to build. They will be able to give you the most accurate quote.

Types of Insurance

There are two things generally covered by your homeowners’ insurance—liability against the people who sue you and coverage for the damage to your home and things on the premises. Your pool will be put in the same category as a shed, so it will be something separate from your home. It will be covered from natural disasters like storms unless it has been specifically excluded. Other things such as ice damage and freezing may not be covered. This is why you need to consult a pool professional if you live in a colder climate to ensure your pool is properly winterized.

You will need extra protection if you are dealing with the liability portion of the insurance. This will protect you from being sued by someone who gets injured while using your pool. It goes without saying that you must practice proper pool safety measures if you wish to own a swimming pool. Then, you increase your liability coverage when adding the pool so as to safeguard your assets.

How to choose the right pool builder

Before your pool builder even begins the job, it is important to ensure that he has the proper insurance. You should also ensure that the required permits are available before the engineer starts the construction. This will prevent extra costs and charges.

Once you are certain that a swimming pool is what you want you to need to consider the cost and coverage of the insurance for the project. Here is a look at some of the questions you need to ask yourself and the insurance provider:

  • How much liability insurance coverage do I need?
  • By how much will my homeowner’s insurance increase?
  • Is my builder bonded and insured?
  • Must I add other features to the pool, like a fence to get the insurance?

Not only is owning a pool expensive but it is fun and exciting. So it only makes sense that owners should protect this new investment as their first step.

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