Last Updated on September 13, 2022


A swimming pool in your backyard changes the whole outlook of your home. The water brings a relaxed environment, even on a hot summer day. The beauty of a swimming pool primarily lies in its decking. It makes your pool blend with your outdoor decorations or stands out beautifully. You should consider adding decking to enhance the appearance of your pool. It should be safe for users. Read on these swimming pool decking options to get ideas on how to design and install a pool decking.

Different Pool Deck Options

Construction materials

When choosing the material to use, make sure it does not absorb too much heat or water. The materials should also be durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. Besides that, it should not be slippery to ensure the safety of those walking around the deck. So, which material can you use?

Poured Concrete

Most pool decking areas are made of poured concrete. It is water-resistant and lasts for years without losing its appeal. The poured concrete adds texture to prevent swimmers from sliding. It also allows you to curve or create patterns on the pool decking as you wish. Besides, the cost of poured concrete is reasonable compared to other materials. The only disadvantage is that it takes a professional hand to create large poured concrete. Spreading the concrete is not easy, and it can dry up fast.


Installing a pool deck using brick gives it a sophisticated and classical look. Bricks come in a multitude of colors, allowing you to make a good selection. Apart from keeping the material in contact to stop them from moving, they are durable and easy to clean. However, they can be pretty expensive depending on the availability and installation costs. When choosing bricks for decking, make sure you select the ones with bright colors. Dark ones tend to absorb more heat when hot, making you feel uncomfortable as you step on them.


Wood does well when decking above-ground pools. Exotic wood would be the best to use due to its pest-resistant capabilities. It is also a good swimming pool decking option for making stairs as part of the deck. You can do the installation yourself if you have the skills, but professional installation would be better, though costly. Besides cost, another shortcoming of wood is that it has to be sealed regularly to last long. The sealing is also easily bleached by the sun, making its maintenance to be high.

Stone Tile

Stone tiles are suitable when building a luxury pool deck. Like bricks, stone tiles come in many types and are smooth to walk on. Most sturdy stone types last for centuries when well maintained. They are also affordable, enabling you to hire an expert at a fair price during installation. Including a concrete slab makes the tiles compact, which reduces the maintenance expenses. Nonetheless, the best stone tiles should have slip resistance and heat reflectivity properties.

Surface Coatings

Coating the deck surfaces is a way of developing a cooling feature. The surface coatings contain chemicals that help you to protect the deck and increase the ease of cleaning. It also helps to keep your feet comfy and cool as well as preventing sliding. The coating makes the deck waterproof and is easy to maintain. You can do it yourself since the process is relatively easy. Unfortunately, this method is vulnerable to cracks and can also make the concrete settle.

Installation Details and Design

The design you choose should be flexible, durable, and aesthetically appealing. You can include color patterns of different shapes to resemble the stone tiles and bricks.

  1. Before decking the pool, inquire from your local agencies and inform them that you would like to embellish your pool. It will help you avoid interfering with underground lines that might be present in your pool decking location.
  2. Get a license from your local construction authorities. Some have strict laws which need to be followed before beginning the installation.
  3. Factor in the cost of installation, especially where expertise is needed.
  4. Include a slope to drain water except when using wood decking.
  5. Finally, lay a solid foundation with a channel to allow water to exit.


Now you know the different swimming pool decking options you can use for your swimming pool decking. Choose what you like most and fits within your budget. But above all, always ensure the safety of the swimmers.


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