self closing pool gate

The most important part of the pool fence is the gate

Anyone with a pool and children, or those with a pool and children frequently visiting, will know that a pool fence is a vital safety feature. Kids can quickly sneak out of view and put themselves in a dangerous situation in the pool. But people very seldom think about what type of pool gate would be most secure. It is important to know some of the differences between common pool gate designs to help you make the best decision on which one is right for you and your yard.

One very nice feature that is common today is self-closing gates. These gates have a spring that automatically closes the gate when left open, and a latch that locks by itself. This prevents anyone from accidentally leaving the gate open long enough for Junior to speed toward any pool toys. No matter how protective a family is of their children near the pool a small oversight like this one can happen to anybody.

Another nice design for pool gates is the mesh design that many pool fences come in today. While the wrought iron bars that make up a lot of pool fences look nice, they can also give some help to a curious climber in the form of vertical bars that hold the fence together. The same goes for chain link and wooden fences. Children have been known to boost themselves up with the lower bar, then climb over with the top bar. Some mesh fences have remedied this by not providing such a climbing apparatus for young thrill seekers. The mesh runs from top to bottom without the need for stabilizing horizontal bars.

One more trait to pay attention to when shopping for a pool gate is the type of latch used to lock the gate. Some are easier to open than others, especially latches that have been thoughtlessly built close to the ground. In addition, you might want to be sure that the latch cannot clamp down on any fingers left near the point of closing impact. Some gates come with a magnetic latch design that will eliminate the death grip that seems customary of some pool gates.

As long as you pay attention to these key features you should have no trouble finding the ideal design for your gate.

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