A Day In The Life of a Pool Trooper

pool troopersGrime-Fighting, Grueling Work

Another hot day. You leave for work in the morning looking wistfully towards your pool, hoping for a rewarding dip in it after work. It’s discouraging to see floating leaves and murky water instead. You arrive home in the early evening, and voila! All the grime has been zapped, leaving your pool pristine and inviting. You know the Pool Troopers have been at it again. Don’t you just wonder how they did it?

The Pool Troopers are a band of hard-working, heroic grime-fighters, designed to enforce and uphold the laws of pool cleanliness that allow every good, hardworking citizen to enjoy their pools with ease. It is an elite grime-prevention force that is skilled at keeping your pool safe from unwanted critters while working undercover at the same time.

Alright, your curiosity must be burning by now. Let’s walk you through a day in the life of a Pool Trooper.

Grime Prevention

A pool, like a park, is a complex environment and system. The amount of detail to attend to is vast, so it’s no wonder that like a park ranger, Pool Troopers regularly patrol pools. Part of why your pool is rarely dirty and uninviting is because Pool Troopers are attentive and alert. They’re on a constant lookout for all kinds of signs that call them to action, such as cracks in the pool system or the illegal infiltration of algae. After all, prevention is better than the cure.

Heading Out To Battle

You see, just as your neighborhood has many nooks and crannies, from the bank down the street to the playground at the corner, your pool is a complicated and intertwined system. It consists of your pool walls and tiles, pool basket, pool motor, pool filter, and of course, water. Bad guys such as debris, algae, and bacteria have plenty of places to hide. Even if you swam in your pool daily, you may not notice the sneakiest of these villains creeping up on you.

Remember, the Pool Troopers are ready to act and prevent grime at all times. Still, keeping it out is a weekly battle for the Pool Troopers. It’s grueling work that they do with pride and ease. They readily roll up their sleeves to skim those annoying leaves off your pool’s surface, suck all the dirt hiding in the bottom of the pool, and scrub all the grimy villains out of their hideouts. It’s important work, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Superhero Scientists

However, there are also some things that brawn alone cannot protect. Ever felt the sting of chlorine in your eyes or seen your skin peel after a dip in your pool? Probably not, because Pool Troopers are also heroic scientists who study, monitor and adjust the chemical levels in your pool.

This is probably the most in-depth undercover work a Pool Trooper undertakes. Armed with chlorine, pH and alkalinity tests, he’ll notice the slightest irregularities and adjust your pool chemistry before you know it. You know how pools and dyed hair rarely get along? A Pool Trooper reverses this scenario completely, with the meticulousness of a neurosurgeon and the quick response of a superhero!

Swift Rescue Missions

A heavy object landed on your pool drain and smashed it. Or, your pool motor just stopped running in the middle of a summer pool party you’d planned all spring. What do you do? There’s no 911 for pool rescue! Well, that’s not entirely true. Pool Troopers are trained in your pool’s emergency first aid. Ever vigilant, they will swiftly rescue your pool from damage.

In fact, they have a whole task force dedicated to repairing your pool. A Pool Trooper will listen to your problem, however big or small, and fix it, no questions asked. If your motor has broken down, a sharp Pool Trooper will replace it with an energy efficient one that can cut down your energy costs.

Invisible Heroes

Feeling inspired by the undercover duties and noble rescue missions of the Pool Troopers? It is hard work, and as community members, it’s nice to give rewards where hard work is being done. We can start with our own neighborhoods. After all, we are surrounded by community superheroes every day, such as soldiers, policemen, and firemen.

For example, if you happen to be in line behind a community superhero one day, you could be an Invisible Hero and pay for their groceries. You could even do it how the Pool Troopers do it: swiftly and gladly. Don’t forget to share your Invisible Hero story on the Bay Area Pool Service website. Let kindness multiply!


Gary Crayton is the owner of the newly launched pool service company, Pool Troopers. Pool Troopers provides all of your pool service and repair needs across the state of Florida so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Call 1-866-766-5877.


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