Five of the Craziest Pool Parties in the World

The summer is less than a month away now, and every party animal knows that the only way to kick it off is with an insane pool party. Liquor, poolside lounging and the shining sun is really all you need. Nightclubs are an easy second choice to these ridiculous parties. And I say ridiculous because there are only a handful of them that do it right. Here are the top five pool parties around the world.


5. Encore Beach, Las Vegas


Sin City got its name for a reason. This is the best pool party in Las Vegas, with Marquee’s being a close second. The crowd’s a bit older but that doesn’t stop them from downing drinks and acting half their age. It’s almost unfair to have one of the best pool parties in Vegas—everything about the city screams party! Encore beach gets so packed it can be difficult to find the actual host. If you’re looking for the person to thank for an unforgettable experience, then just ask for Mr. Wynn.


4. Nikki Beach, St. Tropez


Over to Nikki Beach in France where it really doesn’t get any better. They host different themes each weekend so you’re bound to clash into an event in your jam. An Elite crowd means an expensive entry fee, but it is certainly worth it. Rumours say that Paris Hilton and Mogul Jho Low spent close to two million euros in only one day celebrating with champagne and Saudi Royals. Pool parties with class are still pool parties!




3. Ocean Club, Marbella


No one does it better than Spain, the party capital of Europe. The well-known “champagne party” hosted at Marbella club will have you recovering into late October. Not only recovering, but showering, too—there is endless amounts of champagne sprayed at the Ocean Club. Drinks are not ordered by bottle, but rather per barrel.


2. Ushuaïa Pool Party, Ibiza


Yup, Spain makes it twice in the top five list. This time, we go to the country’s party capital, Ibiza to witness the best of the best. If you thought Ocean Club was expensive, wait until you get a load of Ushuaïa. It not only has an Elite atmosphere, but also a pool that has a stage to host concerts on. Yes, you read that right—you can down your expensive cocktail as Ushuaïa hosts celebrity artists from around the world.


1. Love Juice, Marbella


What can I say? The Spanish just do it right. They get the top three spots. Love Juice has been bringing the best time Europeans have seen for the past three years. The Moorish brilliance looks across into Africa, bringing luxury to the scene better than any pool party you have ever heard of. Hot weather, hot women, and an insane atmosphere gives Love Juice the top spot for the craziest pool parties in the world. Be warned, though: your bank accounts will end up in the red zone for shone. Champagne wars, entry fees, and it’s all worth it.


If you are planning to venture off to Las Vegas, Spain or France this summer, then you’ll definitely need somewhere to stay. Other places do it right, too—Greece, Miami, LA and a lot of others. These parties can have your wallets drained, so it’s always good to find a reasonably priced hotel. HotelClub have some good deals running this summer, so be sure to have that a look. Party hard!



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