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What is the approximate cost of a pool fence?

Having a pool fence is an absolute necessity as it helps to prevent children or animals from falling into the pool. It is important that you plan well before you start installing a fence. Installing a durable and impervious fence is important for keeping your children and pets safe around the pool. Look out for the right contractor to do the pool fencing for you.  A good contractor will not only knowledgeable but also help to save money. Here is a few cost estimate to help plan the cost of your pool fence.


Start-up costs

The cost of your pool fence will depend on the size of your pool and the material you want to use. The cost also depends on the installer you choose.  It’s true: you get what you pay for.  Some installers offer you coupons, which can help lower your price.  Fences designed to surround your pool will cost you anywhere between $18 and $38 a linear foot. Most pool fencing companies will offer you discounts if you are to enclose a larger area.


Enhancement and improvement costs

If you install your pool fence along a slope or insert it directly into the soil, the total labor cost is going to increase.   The reason is that swimming pool fencing is meant to be installed in a more rigid and durable substance, like concrete. In the dirt, your installer will have to use different tools, longer poles, or dirt spikes which will consequently lead to a higher price.


Additional costs

As you plan your spending, consider other factors that may add to your total cost. Factors such as the height of your fence, material used, color, if it is for building code, etc. Higher the fence, the safest it is. Companies usually offer mesh pool fences between 4.5 to 5 feet tall.  You will also need at least one self-closing gate. The average cost of a self-closing gate is around $325. If you want to protect your pool and save on your pool maintenance costs, you might want to install a pool cover too. The average cost of a pool cover would be between $350 and $500 but if you choose the more fancy, automatic option that could cost you thousands of dollars.


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