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If you are here to get information about the cost of pool safety fence installation in Los Angeles then you are in the right place! A pool fence helps in providing safety and peace of mind. When there is a pool in your house, a pool fence acts as a barrier to entry and doesn’t allow the kids and pets in the pool. Also, depending on your state, a pool fence for the pool could be required by law. Knowing the cost of pool safety fence installation in Los Angeles can give you a rough estimate of your overall budget. Knowing how much it can cost would help you decide whether to hire a professional for installation or consider DIY. In any case, the aim here is to add more safety to the house especially when there are kids and pets involved. Read on for more information.

Pool Fence Installation Cost In Los Angeles

Why Do You Need A Pool Fence?

Having a pool fence can let you sleep peacefully at night. You would know that there is safety around the pool so if the children are playing, you would not panic. If there is no pool fence, you have to stay alert and keep a close eye on the kids. Without a pool fence, there would be a chance of accidental drowning and you definitely don’t want that!

Consider the following:

  • Drowning is the leading cost under the age of 5.
  • You need the pool fence to feel safe. You want the best for your children and your family. You want your kids and pets to be safe around the house.
  • Your local building code might require you to have a pool fence
  • Home insurance policies can also require you to install a pool safety fence
  • If you don’t have young kids, your friends and neighbors might have and the pool is a huge liability for you in case of an accident

Swimming pools are not cheap to maintain. Make a list of the pros and cons and see if you would be able to maintain the pool as it not only requires the pool fence, but you also need to properly clean and take care of it.

Pool Fencing Requirements in Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles county. Depending on your local code you may be required to install a pool fence around the swimming pool. Here is a summary of Los Angeles building code requirements:

  • The fence needs to be 60″ high and no more than 2″ off the ground. 4″ above ground if on a solid stone or concrete surface.
  • If plan to do a metal fence the Vertical rods can be 4″ apart if the Horizontal rods are apart 45″ or wider
  • Vertical rods need to be 1.75″ apart if the horizontal rods are less than 45″ apart.
  • Horizontal rods have to be on the side near the pool.

Pool Fence Options

There are different types of pool fence options. It’s good to know what’s the best for you:

Metal fencing

Metal fencing, along with wood fences, is the more traditional fence style. Chain link and wrought iron are the top metal fences used and they are both durable and low-maintenance. Metal fencing is easy to install and can provide a classier look but they are also more expensive. They can also be expensive to repair if damaged as they are installed in large sheets, so repairs involve the removal and replacement of entire sections. Their cons are that they are usually expensive and easy to climb.

Wood fencing

Wood fencing comes in a wide variety and like metal, fencing offers a classy and traditional look. So long as you go with solid fencing and not slats, you can easily keep children out, as children may be able to slip through gaps. Wood fences are also durable and can be painted or stained to provide additional longevity. The trouble with wood is that like metal fencing, it is expensive. The staining also requires regular upkeep and slats often need to be replaced. Slats can also allow smaller children or pets to sneak through. They also block the view.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl fences look similar to wooden fences but vinyl is lighter and low-maintenance. Vinyl is also long-lasting and can give you up to 30 years of protection. Installation can be costly because sheets of vinyl are sold in smaller increments than metal or wood, so more posts are required. Replacement is also expensive as entire sections need to be done at a time. Wood and vinyl both can block the view of the pool which reduces the aesthetic quality of your yard.

Glass fences

Glass fences are beautiful but very expensive. The use of glass allows you to see your pool and gives the appearance that there is more space. Repairs and maintenance are very high for glass as is the initial installation.

Mesh fences

Mesh fences are the most popular choice for pool safety for a number of reasons. They have been developed for swimming pools mainly. They don’t block your view.

Mesh Pool Fence Benefits

Mesh pool fence costs

    • Safety First: While pool fences are not child or pet-proof, they do increase the security around your pool. Having a mesh fence in place acts as a deterrent to keep children away from the water in case there is any time they are unsupervised. Children are not able to climb mesh fencing due to the small holes.
    • Easy to use: Mesh pool fences are popular because they are easily removed if needed. They are also flexible, durable, and can move home whenever you do. They are lightweight yet strong enough to keep your kids out of the pool. The lightweight aspect is the top reason people choose mesh fencing because it can be easily installed, removed, and transported.
    • Affordable: The cost of installing a pool fence will depend on the type of fence, the size of the pool, and the material used. When it comes to installing a pool fence, mesh fencing is the most affordable option as compared to other pool fence materials.
    • Customizable: Mesh fences come in a variety of sizes and are affordable as well as easy to install. There are a variety of colors, styles, and designs for you to choose from so you can match your mesh pool fence to the décor of your pool, yard, and house.

Pool Fence Installation Cost in Los Angeles

When it comes to your children’s safety price should not be a determining factor. But we know it is. When you want the safest option, you will have to have a professional installation which adds in labor costs. It’s also possible that you may want to try a DIY option. In any case, when you have a rough idea of the price, it can help you make big decisions. When it comes to the cost of the pool fence in Los Angeles, there are various factors to consider. For example:

Start-up costs

The cost of your pool fence will depend on the size of your pool and the material you want to use. The cost also depends on the installer you choose.  It’s true: you get what you pay for.  Some installers offer you coupons, which can help lower your price.  Fences designed to surround your pool will cost you anywhere between $18 and $25 a linear foot. Average fence prices are between $1000-$3000 depending on many, like height and length. Most pool fencing companies will offer you discounts if you are to enclose a larger area.

Enhancement and improvement costs

If you install your pool fence along a slope or insert it directly into the soil, the total labor cost is going to increase.   The reason is that swimming pool fencing is meant to be installed in a more rigid and durable substance, like concrete. In the dirt, your installer will have to use different tools, longer poles, or dirt spikes which will consequently lead to a higher price.

Additional costs

As you plan your spending, consider other factors that may add to your total cost. Factors such as the height of your fence, material used, color, if it is for building code, etc. The higher the fence, the safest it is. Companies usually offer mesh pool fences between 4.5 to 5 feet tall.  You will also need at least one self-closing gate. The average cost of a self-closing gate is around $330. If you want to protect your pool and save on your pool maintenance costs, you might want to install a pool cover too. The average cost of a pool cover would be between $400 and $800 but if you choose the more fancy, automatic option that could cost you thousands of dollars.

DIY or Professional Installation?

Professional Installation

The only drawback to this is the cost. You will pay more for installation when you hire a professional company. That being said, the numerous benefits are often a reason to overlook this.

  • Professionalism: you get accurate, legitimate, and professional work done that you can rely on. Hiring a company with a solid reputation and expertise will give you a safe pool fence and peace of mind.
  • Material Options: Professional companies have more access to materials and tools. This means you do not have to worry about getting those things. Professionals will also have better access to higher-quality materials, making sure you get a reliable fence.
  • Authenticity: Professionals work to keep their reputation intact. This means you get authentic work every time as well as assurance that your family will be safe.

DIY Installation

The biggest advantage to DIY installation is money savings. The job will be cheaper when you do it yourself. You need to know what you are doing. Incorrect installation of a pool fence can be a costly and dangerous mistake. Not only will it require money to fix, but safety is put at risk too.

About Guardian Pool Fence

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To ensure the highest quality, most of our products have been independently tested to meet the ASTM International quality and safety standards and are manufactured in-house in Los Angeles. We currently own 7 patents and our Premier Mesh Pool Fence with Locking Deck Sleeves complies with California State, Los Angeles City, and County Building Code. If you live outside of LA County and need a fence to satisfy regulatory agency requirements or new construction codes, please reference your local agencies and building departments to determine if we satisfy their required specifications.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some idea about the pool fence price in Los Angeles, you can evaluate how much it can cost you. Also, it becomes a lot easier to decide whether to consider DIY or hire a professional. You also need to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the state. A pool fence can provide the safety you need around the swimming pools when there are small kids and pets in the house.


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