Cost Of A Pool Fence In Sacramento

Pool Fence Sacramento


Most cities in the U.S. require the installation of a fence around the swimming pool to protect kids and animals from falling and drowning into them. When you build a new swimming pool, or plan to adopt a child you are required to set up a fence around the backyard swimming pool. In Sacramento, CA the pricing will vary depending on the length of the fence or the number of gates you will be needing. A self-closing, self-latching gate can run about $325 each. The cost of the fence is usually between $15-$19/foot. If the area that the fencing is being installed is on a slope or if it must be placed into dirt then the cost of labor can increase because the contractor must use different devices for installation. Not only is there different items used but it will also take a lot longer to finish the job versus if the installation was being done on concrete. Most pool fence companies will insist to come to give you an estimate instead of giving one over the phone. 

You can also install a pool fence yourself but most people would rather hire a contractor to get the job done faster and without worry with the hassles of all the work. An average total cost for pool fence installation in Sacramento is around $1100. 

Overall, if you want to do the project themselves then you should research and find the best quality fence online. You can also gather quotes from local pool fencing companies on how much it would cost to have the fence installed around the pool. Guardian Pool Fence Systems has a long reputation of being the Safest and Strongest Pool Fences in the greater Sacramento area. 


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