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How Much Does It Cost To Build And Maintain A Pool In Los Angeles, 2021


Swimming in sunny Los Angeles is perhaps one of the best parts of living in the state of California. Apart from having good weather almost throughout the year, enjoying the great outdoors is another perk that individuals can have. This is why many people opt to have swimming pools on their property.

There’s nothing like diving into the refreshing waters of your pool, especially when it’s warm and balmy outside. However, despite the fun and enjoyment that a swimming pool can bring, there are definite costs that come not only with buying it but also with maintaining it over time.

If you are thinking about buying one and maintaining its pristine condition in Los Angeles, below are some aspects you need to know about.

Costs of Buying a Pool in Los Angeles

Before having anything to maintain, buying a pool may be on your horizon. If this is the case, you are looking to shell out anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 on average for an above-ground pool. This cost can go significantly higher for an in-ground pool in Los Angeles which can go from $25,000 to $80,000.

Bear in mind, however, that the average cost to build a pool in Los Angeles can greatly vary depending on several factors. These include the following:

Type and Design of Swimming Pool

One of the most important considerations that you have to make when purchasing and building your pool is the kind of pool you want to have. The most common choices on the market include above-ground and in-ground swimming pools.

While an above-ground pool is much easier and simpler to install, these don’t necessarily ring true when it comes to an in-ground pool. In-ground pools are also much more flexible when it comes to designing since these don’t come in a one-size fits all plan.

In-ground pools alone offer quite the range of designs from a traditional lap pool, a pool and spa in one, an infinity pool, and more.

Material Type

Besides the design and type of the pool, another factor that you should look into are the materials as this will make the bulk of your swimming pool cost. Make sure to choose pool materials that can help make your dream pool a reality.

Some of the popular options available on the market include vinyl, one of the most affordable options out there, fiberglass, concrete, and glass.

Size of Pool

Another factor that’s worth taking into account is the size of the pool you’re going for. After all, the price of the pool you’re buying or building will also grow as your desired pool size increases. The reason behind this is that not only will the installation and preparation work add up, but the materials required for building and finishing the space will likewise grow with the target pool size.

Water to be Used in the Pool

The typical type of water used in pools is those that have chlorine. These are particularly designed to kill bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and salmonella. Without these chemicals, your pool can get you sick.

Although chlorine water is widely used today, another popular option that’s available to prospective pool owners is no other than saltwater. Quite different from chlorinated water, this makes use of salt to keep the water clean. Plus, this gets rid of the chemical smell.

Bear in mind, however, that converting your chlorine pool to a saltwater one can take around $600 to $2,000 or higher depending on the size of your pool.

Other Features

Lastly, one other aspect you might want to take into consideration when buying and making a pool is the features that it has. If you want to have a jacuzzi or spa in it to make it more relaxing, this might require additional jets to be built in the pool itself. Lighting and amenities are other features you should decide on as well.

Adding fences, pavers, or even a concrete pathway is also something you might think about if you’re going for an in-ground pool. This way, you can factor these costs into the pool system you want to build or buy.

The Cost of Maintaining a Pool in the Area

The cost of maintaining a pool in Los Angeles varies. These can go anywhere from around $375 to $2,750 depending on the type of pool material and type you have. The size, of course, is yet another determining factor in the amount you have to pay for maintenance.

Every week, you can expect to shell out around $50 onwards to maintain a pool in the area. You also have to factor in the costs of running water which can take around $4 to $20 per month depending on the pool size you have.

Maintenance costs can increase if you have a saltwater pool since you may need to change the cell responsible for the saltwater filter and this can come up to $800 every 3 to 6 months.

Factors That Affect the Costs of Maintaining a Pool

  • Location of the Pool

One of the largest determining factors when it comes to maintenance costs is no other geographic location. After all, the location is also a determining factor as to how much time the pool is open for the year or the season.

This likewise affects the labor required from individuals and professionals alike. The longer this is open, the more you have to maintain this on a weekly, monthly, or even annual basis.

  • Type of Swimming Pool

Another thing to consider is the type of pool, which can influence a lot of factors. For example, plunge pools may be small, but they are deep. This type is usually for leisure only. Another type of pool is lap pools, which are usually bigger or longer to allow swimmers to do laps.

The size and depth can affect the maintenance cost. Plunge pools are typically about 10 by 20 feet in dimensions, with a depth of 5.5 to 7 feet deep. These can cost around $14,500 to $25,000 to build, and a significant amount to maintain.

Meanwhile, lap pools can be built with a budget of $20,000 to $70,000, which may be more expensive. However, the maintenance cost can be cheaper as they are not usually as deep as plunge and standard pools.

  • Materials Used in the Pool Construction

Another thing that can cause a difference in the costs to build a pool in Los Angeles is the materials used. Remember, different materials offer different advantages. One of the less expensive ones is vinyl liners, which cost $25,000 to $45,000. Maintenance of vinyl pools costs $1,375 every year, with recommendations for replacement every 10 years.

If you have fiberglass pools built for $18,000 to $66,000, you need to spend $375 every year for maintenance. Meanwhile, concrete pools may cost $29,000 to $60,000, with maintenance costs of $2,750 per year, which you need to replace every 10 years.

  • Water

As mentioned, you need to be ready for the maintenance of your pool water because you must make sure that it is clean and sanitary. For chlorine pools, the cost can range from $4 to $20 monthly. However, if you opted for a saltwater pool, you will need to replace the cell, which costs hundreds to replace.

Remember that the amount of water used for your pool can seriously affect the variation of these costs. This depends on your pool size and depth, as well.

  • Type of Cleaning Service Required

The type of cleaning required to ensure the sanitation of your pool should also be taken into account. A more thorough cleaning will cost less than a more in-depth one.

The key is to make sure that your pool is well-maintained, through regular servicing. This way, your water systems, and other equipment will not accumulate issues that can mount, which can result in even bigger problems.

  • Repairs and Replacements Needed

Now, whether you need to replace your saltwater cells or you need to have some repairs done, you need to be ready for additional costs. You need to make sure that these issues are addressed every year to minimize the possibility of serious damages and accidents.

However, you need to weigh whether you need to do immediate repairs or wait for your yearly maintenance before addressing the issue. If the damage can cause accidents, you might want to have it repaired immediately.

You might also want to have add-ons installed such as new steps, covers, and water features. Make sure to inform your service provider about these additional services so that they can prepare for the installation and repairs.

The Takeaway

Building a pool on your property will increase its value over time. In sunny Los Angeles, having a swimming pool can mean lots of time under the sun and in the water. With these considerations in mind and by learning the average cost to build and maintain a pool in Los Angeles, you now have a deeper understanding of the responsibility that it entails.


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