COVID-19 has had a negative impact on health and the economy. But, there is some good that can come out of this. With the uncertainty of the situation looming, summer can be a bright light to hold people together. Memorial Day marked the beginning of summer and you want to celebrate the warm weather and summer vibes. The economic and psychological impact of COVID-19 has been huge. Travel plans are canceled, and everyone has to stay home. It doesn’t sound like much of a summer, but certain industries can help.

Coronavirus and the Pool Industry

Public pools have been closed for an indefinite amount of time. Beaches are also closed or limiting visitors. This means, having a pool is the best option. Creating your own staycation can get you through this pandemic. A staycation gives you the break and fun you need and supports the economy. But what about money? Do people have the money to buy luxury items during this time of economic uncertainty? Nobody knows how long the beaches will be closed or travel will be restricted. With less travel as an option, you can opt for staycations instead.

And this means getting a pool. The finances that were set aside for family getaways can be invested in the home instead. Not only does a pool support the economy, give your family some summer fun, but it also is an investment for your home. It is a wain across the board. Pool companies are taking note of the increased numbers of families looking to install pools. People are already restricted by the virus, but their livelihood does not have to disappear completely. It is expected that spending on luxury items will increase as a way of people trying to make their restricted lives better.

This pandemic is not predicted to cause a recession as severe as the one of 2009, it does give us cause for reevaluation. Recession can be a time for the planting of innovative seeds that will benefit the future. The ideal is to emerge stronger on the other side and primed for the building of a great economy.  To do our part, we are working to develop a better online presence in support of our customers as they navigate the online world we now live in. Our goals include:

  • Making our customers happier than ever before
  • Trimming the excess fat of our business that does not contribute to the success
  • Focusing every day on learning and education
  • Listening to our ideal prospects and customers
  • Mastering our trade
  • Improving our business model


The question marks over our heads may be scary, but with focus, everyone can pull through. We want to support you and work with you to get everyone through uncertain times. If you are looking for a pool fence to keep your family safe, call us today. We are here for you and the community.


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