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Color Of The Pool Fence

When choosing a pool safety fence, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Black mesh fences offer a traditional look, and it is considered to be the most widely preferred. It is also the most transparent. The most popular colors for the border and poles are brown. In the southwestern United States, particularly in Las Vegas and in the state of Arizona, residential pool owners seem to prefer brown mesh fencing with matching brown pole and borders.

Another very popular choice is our “vanishing pool fence” where the borders and the poles are gray and the fence itself is black. We found this combination the most invisible.

When it comes down to it, however, it’s a good idea to choose a fence color that blends well with your outdoor decor and pool colors.


Although brown and black seem to be the most popular colors for a pool safety fence and coordinates nicely with most yard decor and pool designs, some prefer designer colors. If you have a varied amount of colors and patterns, consider choosing a neutral color. Choosing a neutral color such as beige often works as well as brown and black. Green mesh fences can also work if your backyard color is mainly green. All of these mesh fence colors will generally not clash with most decor and are a good choice for surrounding traditional style swimming pools.

Choosing a two-tone color offers a nice contrast and generally blends in well with the existing backyard decor. Whatever colors you may choose for your mesh swimming pool fence, the borders and pole colors should also be considered when coordinating with your yard and pool design.


Our most popular color combinations

Black mesh- Brown borders- Brown Poles

premier-pool-enclosureThis is the most popular safety pool fence color combination idea. It is preferred by most pool owners because it perfectly matches with the earth tone color found in southern California and Arizona. The black mesh provides a great degree of transparency. Its benefits include:

  • Blends easily with the pool area landscaping.
  • The netting material is extremely transparent making the entire fence less noticeable, just like sunscreens on doors and windows
  • They allow maximum visibility of the pool from the outside.
  • They do not obscure mountain or desert views when inside the fenced pool area.

Black mesh-Gray borders- Gray Poles

premier-pool-fencesThis combination is also popular in states that have natural rock work and natural concrete. This combination looks great in pool areas with much cement work and is almost invincible in the long run. Its benefits are:

  • Look attractive especially where the back wall is made up of gray concrete blocks.
  • It’s almost invisible, providing a clear view of the pool and its surroundings when in and out of the pool area.
  • It gives the illusion that there is more space around the pool area.

Black mesh- Beige borders- Beige poles

beige-poles-and-bordersThis combination is great and blends well with a brighter or lighter surrounding, for example in the desert and generally dry regions. Beige is vital in bringing warmth to the pool area. Its benefits include;

  • Beige is a neutral color and easily blends with other colors such as brown and black.
  • Beige blends well with the existing pool decor for example where the floor area of the pool has travertine tiles.
  • This fence color idea also helps in filling spaces that are small and oddly shaped with ease that is, between the pool fence and the pool’s floor area or base.

In conclusion, irrespective of the color combination that you may choose for your pool fence, it is vital that you also consider the pole and border colors so as to come up with a good swimming pool design.

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