How To Clean Pool Fencing

Clean Your Pool Fence

After the installation of a pool, it is important to have a fence installed around it. This is to prevent children from falling into the water and drown. Of course, with the chemicals from the pool regularly making contact with the fence it is important to follow specific steps in order to maintain the fence in good condition.

Every manufacturer provides slightly different instructions and cleaning tips, as certain materials might rust with certain chemicals and detergents. If you can’t find the instructions, you want to start with a mild kitchen soap and water.

Here is how to clean your MESH POOL FENCE:

We advise you to occasionally rinse your fence with cold water from your hose to help keep your fence clean and free from deteriorating pool chemicals. Establish a cleaning and maintenance schedule. We suggest every three months or as needed. If there are already chemical residues on your fence, try to spray your mesh pool fencing with a garden hose at high pressure. You want to spray every section completely from the top to the bottom and give it time to soak. This helps remove any of the chemicals from the pool, not to mention any dirt and debris sticking to it.

If needed, fill up a bucket of warm water and mix it with a mild detergent or even a dish soap. If your fence is heavily stained, you want to use a stronger detergent. You can also add a cup of white vinegar into the mixture as well, as the acid found in the vinegar is excellent for cleaning.

While scrubbing the fence, use a soft dish brush or sponge and gently scrub over the fence. Make sure to work one section at a time in order to avoid drying out the fence. You don’t want the soap and vinegar to dry.

For the tougher spots, you need to allow the fend to soak in the detergent in order to remove the difficult stains.

After you clean each section, make sure to rinse each off completely from the top of the fence to the bottom. Avoid going from the bottom to the top as this is just going to result in a run off of the cleaning materials down to the lower levels of the fence.

If you have a removable fence, make sure to allow it to completely dry before you place it in storage.

When cleaning your patios with any caustic cleaners such as acid, chlorine … etc., please take down your fence. It is not warranted against checical damage. You can use silicone spray to the hook and eye assembly. This keeps the spring lubricated and makes the use of your pool fence more enjoyable.