How To Clean A Green Pool



Noticing that the pool water is green is not a welcome sight. Try you might to ignore it, but it’s best to get busy clearing up the water.


What Are The Possible Causes For The “Green” Water?

  • Had there been a heavy rain or storm in the past few days?  A heavy rain can really discolor your water.
  • Did you forget to do the required cleaning or chemical treatments? Or maybe the pool service didn’t come for some reason?
  • Was something poured or spilled into the water?  Perhaps the aftermath of a really big party.


Why Should You Even Bother To Clear Up The Water?

  • The green water is probably algae, which is unhealthy.
  • Green water, or any color other than pristine clear, is a dangerous situation waiting to happen.  You don’t even want to think about a child falling into the murky water and not able to be seen.
  • There will definitely not be any swimming enjoyment while the water is green.


Time To Get Busy Clearing The Waters.

  • Call your service if you use one.
  • Check the PH balance of the water if you have a test kit.  Take this sample to a pool service or store for assistance in determining the possible cause.  They will, also, help instruct you as to the appropriate chemicals in the correct amounts to use for ridding your water of the “green.”  Chemical amounts used are based on the gallons of water.
  • Use your own chemicals to clean and clear the water and, also, to restore the PH balances back to a normal healthy swimming condition.
  • Make sure to check and clear all your skimmer baskets for unclean debris.
  • Make sure your pump and equipment is all in working order.


Your efforts in restoring your pool water to a clear and clean condition will be well worth the effort it took.  It’s time to get back in the water – dive in!