Choosing The Right Shape Pool

 What Shape Of Pool?


As a homeowner there is nothing like being able to choose your own style of pool. One thing you must be careful with is the shape of the pool. Depending on the size of your backyard there may not be enough space to place in a rectangular shaped pool or a Figure 8. In the way your backyard is designed may also interfere with the type of pool you want as well. Consider one of the following shapes as they tend to be the most versatile, popular, and classic shapes.


L Shaped

This shape pool helps separate the swimming area from the shallow area with the smaller area being that of deeper water. This is great for families with small children and it is ideal for corner homes. You can swim laps in the deeper area of the pool.

l shap


Kidney Shaped

This type of pool shape is the most versatile as it can go well in any size backyard. You can place a spa right next to the pool where shrubbery usually would be placed. This is great for older adults. The kidney shape of the pool can be manipulated to fit a small area of your backyard while still providing plenty of space to swim and have fun.


kidney shaped pool


Figure 8

This type of pool allows the best separation from shallow to deep water. It is ideal for larger families that not only have small children but want to play games in the water. You can place shrubbery at the indented areas of the pool for added safety and beauty.


8 shape swimming pool



This shape has straight edges that provide a more formal appearance than any of the other shaped pools. It is ideal for swimming laps and is considered among the most commonly seen pools. It is best for a large backyard that provides plenty of space around the pool and to your patio.


rectangle shape


With any shaped pool you choose, make sure you take safety measures to prevent any accidents from happening such as including a pool fence. You don’t want one that takes away from the appearance of the pool so consider something that not only keeps small children out but makes your pool look even better. With any shaped pool you will be able to find the right type of fencing.