Last Updated on May 22, 2023


Having your pet jump in the pool is common nowadays but many people worry that chlorine can be dangerous for their furry friends. The good news is that the dilute levels are acceptable for humans and animals to swim in. Chlorine is important for sanitizing the water.

Chlorine and Your Dog: What Should You Know?

It breaks down bacteria that can cause illness and create murky water. As it is essential, the more you know about chlorine and dogs, the safer your pet will be. Here is the breakdown to know if dogs can swim in chlorine pools:

  • Chlorine can cause dehydration, so make sure your pooch is drinking plenty of water.
  • A dog’s eyes, ears, and nose are more sensitive than yours so they may be more vulnerable. This is why time limits need to be in effect.
    The dangers of direct contact depend on the dose of the agent and the amount in your pool is very dilute and harmless.
  • Your dog is more likely to get sick from a plunge in a vat full of unknown microorganisms or a standing body of water than they are from diving in a well maintained and chlorinated pool.
  • Drinking too much from the pool can damage their digestive system (and yours). To prevent this, leave a bowl nearby for them to drink from and discourage lapping up the water.
  • Store the tablets in their original packaging and keep them stored away from where animals (and kids) can reach them.
  • Most problems associated with chlorine are usually minor. Dogs that swim for much longer time spans may develop eye sensitivity or dermal irritation. If this happens, reduce the amount of time they spend in the pool.
  • Bromine is a popular alternative for sanitization. It has a less pungent scent and rarely causes irritation.

Final thoughts

Take care when your pet is in the pool with you. Make sure they take breaks to get out and drink fresh water. Dry them off thoroughly to prevent them from catching a chill or getting an ear infection. When it is hot outside and the family is splashing in the pool, let your dog jump in too. Just watch them closely and they can safely play too.


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