Childproof Your Swimming Pool



A swimming pool is a great way to help any family bond, as well as engage in some great recreational activities. At the same time, however, the proper steps should always be taken in order to ensure that any and all children will never be placed in danger around it. It’s no secret that children, especially those of a very young age, are naturally very curious. Because of this, those families who have swimming pools may find that their children could end up getting into the backyard and wandering too close to it, which could result in the child accidentally falling into the pool.

In order to ensure that an incident like this never takes place, here are some methods to make note of to help childproof any swimming pool.


Have a Removal Safety Fence Installed

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to childproof any swimming pool, as this type of fence provides a barrier that keeps children from getting too close to the pool itself. The removal safety fence is designed to essentially isolate the pool from a home, thereby preventing access to the pool. These fences are generally made out of a polyester mesh material and are supported by aluminum poles.


Install Gates that Self-Lock and Self-Close

These provide a much better degree of protection than removal safety fences due to the fact that they automatically both lock and close. Both of these factors are great, especially since there are many adults who tend to forget to close and lock pool entryways, which, as a result, puts children at risk of getting access to it and falling in. The only thing to consider with these types of gates is to ensure that they will be able to withstand general wear and tear since they will be fairly close to water.


Ensure that the Fence Stands Four to Five Feet in Height

Any fence that stands too low in height will never be very effective. This is especially the case with toddlers who may be tall. An ideal height for any protective pool safety fence should be anywhere from four to five feet, which will always offer a great deal of protection against children who are incredibly curious about the swimming pool.


Make Sure the Support Poles Always Provide Adequate Tension

Support poles are designed to give a pool safety fence both tension and strength. The most important thing to remember is that the less farther apart the support poles are, the stronger the amount of tension there will be. It’s recommended that there should be no less than 30 inches of distance between support poles.


Install Mesh Material that is Resistant to Mildew

The best way to ensure that any pool safety fence will last as long as possible is to install mesh material that is mildew-resistant. As previously stated, a majority of these types of fences are made out of a polyester mesh material, which is covered in a vinyl coating. The method that is used for making this helps make sure that not only is it extremely clean to look at, but that it’s also strong enough to deal with all sorts of pressure. The vinyl coating that’s used helps to make the mesh material resistant to mildew, dust, and dirt, as well as make the material easy to maintain.


In order to help ensure that children are completely safe near swimming pools at all times, it’s important to childproof the entire area. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that the safety fence should always be able to restrict any and all access from the home to the pool.


Child proofing your pool is important in order to ensure the complete safety of your children. The most important thing to remember is that your pool fence should be able to block access from home to pool.



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