Checklist for the Upcoming Pool Season

After months of cold and winter, pool season is finally drawing near! Are you ready? Get your swimming pool ready for family fun and entertainment with this checklist.


1. Inspect your pool chemicals and equipment


Take inventory of the pool chemicals leftover from last year. Check if they have been properly stored during the winter and find out if they haven’t expired yet. Buy the things you are running low on. Check your pool equipment for anything that may be broken or needs replacement. Make sure that your cleaner, pump, filter, and other accessories are working and in order.


2. Remove the pool cover


Before actually removing it, use a cover pump to remove as much standing water as possible. This makes it much safer and easier to remove. Sweep any debris collected from the cover so that it does not fall into the pool. Hint: When you remove your cover and find that the water level is low than when you closed the pool, you might have a leak. Deal with leaks before going further.


3. Fill it with water


Add fresh water to your pool, making sure the water level should be at about halfway up your pool tile. The prescribed rate is 1” (25mm) per hour.


4. Clean thoroughly


Give your pool a thorough sweep. Skim the surface and remove debris using a leaf rake. Wipe the tiles and other vinyl surfaces and empty the pump strainer baskets. Next is to filter and circulate your pool water. One done, vacuum the entire pool, making sure that the walls are also clean. Lastly, clean the pool deck and other surrounding areas, including the equipment area.


5. Test water balance


After freeing your pool of debris, now’s the time to “shock” or super chlorinate your pool. Chlorine seeks out contaminants in the water and oxidizes them. Some people allow water to circulate overnight for better results. After that, you need to test the water for pH and alkalinity. If you’re having trouble because of too much calcium in your water supply, water softener systems may be something good to consider. Contact a pool professional if you need help.


6. Check your pool parts


Before closing your pool for the cold months, did you or your pool man remove small plugs from the filter, pump, or heater? If so, put them all back in place and be sure not to miss out on anything. Replace diving boards, ladders and other accessories, and make sure they are secured.


7. Install safety precautions


Last but not least, you must install safety precautions for your swimmers. Put fences around to prevent young children and pets from accidentally falling into the water. Put up signages on how deep the water is, and, as much as possible, always have supervision when swimming.


Enjoy pool season everyone!


checklist for pool season


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About the author: Melissa Page is a professional writer with over four years of experience. Aside from writing, she loves swimming. She looks forward to pool season.