How to Change to a Saltwater Pool

If you struggle to keep chemicals in your chlorine pool balanced, you should consider converting it to saltwater. Saline pools are more healthful and easier to maintain, are not attacked by algae, and are considered more environmentally friendly. They are easier on your eyes, mucous membranes, and skin.

Make the change in 4 easy steps;

A salt chlorine generator is a machine that converts plain table salt into chlorine. There are several reputable brands out there; just make sure to find the right chlorinator that will get the right amount of salt into your water.

Remember that chlorine demand may increase with heat, direct sunlight, and increased usage. The rule of thumb is to get a salt cell that is rated at least one third larger than your pool size.

Which salt and how much?

The best salt is the plain old table salt – the non-iodized salt. You can purchase it in bulk from your local home goods store or hardware store.

How much salt you apply will vary. Follow the recommendations provided for the salt system you choose to use. When adding the salt, walk around to ensure that it’s evenly distributed around the water. You can use a brush to stir it.

Eliminate phosphates

Phosphates are used to glue contaminants that can cause scale build-up in salt cells. Yet phosphates are also the primary food for algae.

Phosphates mainly come from body fluids, lawn fertilizers, cleaners, chemicals, and rainwater among other sources. Any phosphate level below 200PPB is safe. A 100-125 PPB phosphate level is very good. You can easily reduce the phosphate levels in your pool using a Phosphate Kit.

Maintain you salt cell

Most good salt cells last between 3 and 5 years. The better the maintenance, the longer the cell will last. It has been discovered that using a Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic Maintenance Kit when you’re first starting up the pool and once every month thereafter can help. The kit comprises a 1-liter bottle of liquid salt water magic and a 5.5 pound bag of salt water magic mix.


And there you have your salt water pool waiting for you!

Two other products that may prove beneficial down the line are the Foundation – a metal deactivator and phosphate remover, and Metal-Free which easily chelates metals without adding phosphates.