20 08, 2019

The Benefits Of Taking Swimming Lessons


There’s no doubt that seeing all the great swimmers, swimming is one activity most kids want to take part in. It is also the best [...]

The Benefits Of Taking Swimming Lessons2019-08-30T03:41:57-07:00
1 06, 2019

Pool Fencing Law In California


California swimming pools built or refurbished after 1998 must have at least one safety barrier to protect the kids from drowning, but having more than [...]

Pool Fencing Law In California2019-05-05T12:49:31-07:00
15 10, 2018

Swimming During Pregnancy


  Swimming has long been used as a safe and efficient method of exercise and has been dubbed safe for pregnant women too. With the [...]

Swimming During Pregnancy2019-03-06T10:34:46-08:00
30 11, 2017

Salt Water Swimming Pool


  If you already have a pool or are thinking of purchasing a pool you may ask yourself if you should go for a salt [...]

Salt Water Swimming Pool2017-12-06T14:48:15-08:00
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