Swimming Pool Fence Regulations

Is There a Federal Law for Pool Fencing?   Since there is no federal pool fence law in the U.

Moving Into a House with a Pool

A move is a huge life event, and one that can certainly go a variety of directions.

Are you allowed to put up a swimming pool without a fence?

If you have installed a swimming pool on your property, you have already invested a significant amount of money and may feel that you can skip the added expense of erecting a fence to enclose it.

Is a swimming pool fence required?

Swimming pool fences are becoming more popular with homeowners as well as insurance companies.

Parents of drowned child upset at lack of safety regulations for swimming pools

Owning a backyard with pool is the dream of many homeowners, as it adds incredible usability to the yard, allowing you to get outside more, enjoy the weather and bring your family and friends together.

Pool Fence Laws

How Some States Are Proactively Preventing Pool Drownings   Over a year ago Rockville, New York was one of the first town boards to consider passing a "pool fence law" in an effort to reduce drownings in personal swimming pools.