Customer reviews, letters written to us about our pool fence and our service.

3 10, 2012

Angie’s List Testimonials


Hiring a company to do work at your home should be an informed decision. That’s just what Angie’s List does; they provide consumers with information [...]

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20 06, 2012

Guardian Pool Fence Reviews


ALL of Our YELP Reviews   Many people are using YELP as their first choice when they are choosing a certain business or service. Many [...]

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18 11, 2011

Yelp Reviews


13 positive YELP Reviews are filtered out Please see our previous post regarding our YELP Reviews. We need to address this again and ensure our [...]

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12 11, 2011

Pool Fence Reviews


We received this fax when we completed a job in Chatsworth, Ca. The customer was clearly not happy with his previous pool fence and he [...]

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6 11, 2011

Guardian’s Pool Fence Review


LETTER FROM A CUSTOMER Guardian’s Angels It’s said in life we all get a chance to act as angels. This is never more true than [...]

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