Pool safety for kids, outdoor fun, parenting. How to deal with your toddler around the pool? Why the cheapest is not the best?

1 07, 2019

Baby Fences for Pools


Pools are fun and very inviting. It should not be hard to imagine that your child will want to go near and even in them. [...]

Baby Fences for Pools2019-06-24T08:43:22-07:00
15 10, 2017

Complete Pool Safety


As pleasurable as swimming can be, it can cause damage that is irreversible if you ignore or fail to embrace necessary safety measures. As such, [...]

Complete Pool Safety2017-12-06T14:51:21-08:00
30 08, 2017

Pool Safety Precautions


Here are pool safety tips to avoid having pool accidents   Install a pool fence Install a fence at least 4 feet high all around [...]

Pool Safety Precautions2019-03-05T18:57:40-08:00
10 08, 2017

Pool Safety: The In Ground Fence


  Regardless of how often your family is around the pool, a pool fence is a wise investment. Having a grounded safety fence not only [...]

Pool Safety: The In Ground Fence2019-03-04T14:46:32-08:00
18 05, 2017

Childproof Your Swimming Pool


  A swimming pool is a great way to help any family bond, as well as engage in some great recreational activities. At the same [...]

Childproof Your Swimming Pool2019-03-05T18:39:13-08:00
25 08, 2016

5 Steps To Teach Your Toddler To Swim


Swim Lessons For Toddlers   Safety should be the primary concern when teaching a child of any age to swim. Parents should remember that while swimming might [...]

5 Steps To Teach Your Toddler To Swim2019-03-15T10:51:09-07:00
23 02, 2016

The Best Pool Safety Devices For Toddlers


  The pool should be a place for family fun and relaxation, yet the sad fact is that every year far too many toddlers result [...]

The Best Pool Safety Devices For Toddlers2017-08-14T07:24:49-07:00
5 03, 2014

Why So Many Children Drown?


Stop Drowning Now!   There are still too many children drownings happening around the country. What should we do?   Parents should choose classes that [...]

Why So Many Children Drown?2014-03-18T16:28:53-07:00
22 05, 2013

How to Protect Kids from the Sun


The weather is heating up and with it comes much more time spent outdoors, enjoying those active days of summer. Many of our kids are [...]

How to Protect Kids from the Sun2019-03-05T19:54:24-08:00
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