The only pool fence that requires no holes in your deck. It is perfect for rentals or decks that you would not want to drill into. Patented design.

6 03, 2017

No Holes Pool Fence In Orange County


One of the southernmost counties in California, Orange County is also one of the most populated. Beautiful beaches, several state wilderness parks, and, of course, [...]

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14 10, 2015

Portable Pool Fencing – Our No-Holes Pool Fence


  The ‘No Holes’ pool fencing is the first of its kind in the world. Ingeniously crafted and engineered after years of in-depth research, Guardian Pool [...]

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17 09, 2013

Portable Pool Safety Fence


No Holes Pool Fence   When living in the area it is always necessary to have some sort of a fence around a pool. The [...]

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