Every year hundreds of dogs drown in their owner’s pools. Most dogs can swim but they can become easily disorientated while in the water and can become unsure of which direction to swim in.

2 09, 2016

Temporary Fence For Dogs


Fencing for dogs To protect your dog or your yard sometimes requires keeping your pet fenced. But what if you only want to use the [...]

Temporary Fence For Dogs2017-08-14T07:24:12+00:00
19 01, 2016

Teach Your Dog To Swim


Teaching one's dog to swim is a doable task once done properly. Many individuals assume that all dogs were born excellent swimmers, but this is [...]

Teach Your Dog To Swim2016-01-11T11:15:36+00:00
26 08, 2015

Should Your Dog Swim in an In-Ground Pool?


Swimming is fun for both human beings and animals.  You will find many people cooling themselves in a pool on hot warm afternoon either by [...]

Should Your Dog Swim in an In-Ground Pool?2017-05-12T19:08:56+00:00
31 03, 2014

Removable Fencing For Dogs


Fence For Dogs Like millions of other Americans you love your dog and, like millions of other Americans, sometimes Poochie doesn't always behave perfectly. Often [...]

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4 09, 2013

Keep Your Pet Safe with Canine Fence


On those hot summer days, the backyard pool is the center of recreation and family fun. Parents and pet owners are watchful that everyone is [...]

Keep Your Pet Safe with Canine Fence2017-08-14T07:24:11+00:00
17 07, 2013

5 Reasons Our Dog Fence Is The Best


When you decide to have a swimming pool placed in your backyard, you create the perfect setting to make great memories. Not only will your [...]

5 Reasons Our Dog Fence Is The Best2017-08-14T07:24:22+00:00
18 06, 2012

Fencing Ideas For Dogs


Your Dogs Deserve protection with Proper Fencing There are some people who may not feel like fencing is necessary in their situation. Maybe their dog [...]

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21 03, 2012

How to Keep Your Dog Safe?


Pet Pool Safety Owning a pool has the advantage of being a relief from heat in the summer and the disadvantage of hosting a potential [...]

How to Keep Your Dog Safe?2018-10-11T12:46:23+00:00
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