28 06, 2017

Should You Use a Pool Alarm?


  Is anything so enticing on a hot summer day as the pool? Who doesn't long for that dip into luxury, relaxing and cooling off [...]

Should You Use a Pool Alarm?2017-08-14T07:24:50+00:00
18 05, 2017

Childproof Your Swimming Pool


  A swimming pool is a great way to help any family bond, as well as engage in some great recreational activities. At the same [...]

Childproof Your Swimming Pool2017-08-14T07:24:50+00:00
22 07, 2016

How To Keep The Kids Safe While Boating?


Being in a boat out on the water is probably one of the most relaxing and serene experiences that you will ever have the opportunity [...]

How To Keep The Kids Safe While Boating?2016-07-20T03:42:05+00:00
11 05, 2016

The Facts on Accidental Drowning


  When people think about unintentional drowning, they most often envision a wayward toddler wandering too close to a family pool and falling in unnoticed [...]

The Facts on Accidental Drowning2017-05-12T19:09:13+00:00
4 11, 2015

How To Protect Toddlers From Drowning


Using safety systems and precautions in a pool can prevent drowning or injuries. Your family will be more secure when you follow water safety recommendations. [...]

How To Protect Toddlers From Drowning2017-05-12T19:08:56+00:00
20 05, 2015

Swimming Pool Regulations in California


This includes ensuring that the surroundings are clean and easily accessible in case disaster strikes for evacuation exercises. The California pool safety act describes a [...]

Swimming Pool Regulations in California2017-05-12T19:07:27+00:00
23 04, 2015

5 Tips to Swimming Pool Safety for Children


There is nothing like splashing about in a swimming pool for children. It is a recreational activity that is super-fun, especially on hot summer days. [...]

5 Tips to Swimming Pool Safety for Children2017-05-12T19:08:23+00:00
4 06, 2012

Pool Fences For Kids


Safety Around The House   Pool fences for kids are something no family should do without. Every day in the U.S. two children under age [...]

Pool Fences For Kids2017-08-14T07:24:44+00:00
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