Last Updated on March 5, 2019

Before the winter comes


After months of fun, sun and great exercise in your swimming pool throughout the summer months, it’s time to prepare and protect your pool for the coming winter weather. Winterizing your pool involves much more than fitting it with a protective cover in order to keep out falling leaves and other debris. A swimming pool represents a major investment for most homeowners, and there are five key things to do when caring for your pool before winter makes its official arrival.


Thorough Cleaning


Because your pool will be sitting idle for several months, it is very important that you take the time and energy to clean it out thoroughly. Get out the brush and vacuum from the storage closet and ensure that no dirt and debris is left in the pool as part of the winterization process. During your cleaning operation, take note if you notice any cracks or leaks that may have gone undetected during the summer months and schedule any swimming pool leak repair so that your pool will be ready for another season’s full enjoyment when you reopen it again next year.


Add Proper Chemicals


The PH level of the water must be adjusted for winter weather. Use the proper amount of chemicals recommended for winter use to sanitize the water after your cleaning procedure in addition to adding a reliable algaecide to guarantee that the water remains algae-free during the months the pool is dormant.




Pump, Baskets and Filters


Now you’re ready to disconnect the pump and clean this device carefully. Then remove the skimmer baskets along with the filters and clean them to remove any remaining dirt and debris before replacing them.


Remove Floating Equipment


It’s not a good idea to allow anything to remain submerged or floating in the pool water during the winter months. This means that you should remove any ladders or ropes that have been in the water, along with any portable flotation devices or swim toys. Make sure that all of this equipment is cleaned before you store it away for another season.


Secure Cover


The final step in winterizing your swimming pool is securely attaching a pool cover which prevents debris from accumulating in the water in addition to preventing pets, wild animals or children from accessing the pool.


Taking several hours to invest in preparing your swimming pool to enjoy a long winter’s nap will not only protect your pool from wear and damage but also make it easier to get the pool ready next summer for another season of fun.