The Best Pool Fence For Safety


If you have a young child or grandchild in your family, a primary concern is the safety of that child when he or she is anywhere near your pool.  You certainly do not want that loved one to be one of the statistics of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that states that close to 400 children younger than the age of 15 die annually due to drowning in a pool.


Best Pool Fence


The chain-link type is a common fence material used in residential areas because it provides a barrier and high visibility. However, it is a rigid structure and can easily be climbed on and over.


Fences made with ornamental wrought iron bars are more difficult to climb, but they block the view and are quite expensive. The gaps between the iron rods are wide enough for a small child to squeeze through.


A glass pool fence may be cosmetically attractive, but it is hard to maintain and can easily be run into and shatter.


The safest suggestion is an interlocking mesh fence, which comes in a variety of styles and materials.  It withstands climbing because it does not provide hand or toe holds that would help a child climb over it. It has no rigid bar at the top or any place for little hands and feet to scale it, and it can be installed at a height of 48, 54 or 60 inches. It doesn’t tear or break, and it won’t block the view of the pool.  Additionally, the gate has a self-closing and self-latching mechanism.


Mesh pool fences are quick to install, are long-lasting and durable, the mesh won’t fade or stretch and has been treated to prevent mold and mildew, and the poles are rust-resistant.


A wrought iron or chain-link fence becomes a permanent structure. Remodeling or construction work may require tearing down part of the fence. The mesh fabric fence is removable under those circumstances or if you want to store it until you need it again.


Give serious consideration to the extra safety features of a mesh pool safety fence.