Last Updated on March 5, 2019

The best exercises for kids


Apart from mental stimulation, kids need to get in physical exercise to keep them fit and healthy. In fact, kids nowadays do not get in the required amount of play. However, we must know that kids are not mini adults. They get bored of structured exercise.  Just let them free play.

So what are the five best exercises for children?

  1. Stretches: stretching is an important exercise not just for warm-ups, but also to keep kids limber. These can include toe touching, side stretches, trunk, neck, shoulder and arm rotations.
  2. Walking: going in cars is easy, but going for a walk is fun. If you encourage your kid to walk, you will be contributing to his health. In fact, you should make walking a family activity or take your kid to the zoo, the park or walking area often. Outdoor walking means more fresh air and sunlight, an important source of Vitamin D.
  3. Swimming: even small kids enjoy swimming or even paddling. Swimming is a great exercise for all ages, but do make sure that children are always supervised when in the pool. A pool fence is important to prevent kids from going into the pool unsupervised.
  4. Biking: do put you small kids on tricycles or bigger kids on bicycles (or with training wheels) and encourage them to ride. Pedaling is good for the legs and cycling teaches balance.
  5. Ball playing: whether it is a simple ball playing or sports using balls like baseball, soccer, basketball or touch football, ball player improves motor skills and contributes to physical fitness.

Make sure that your kids get in some activity at least four times a week and for half an hour at a stretch. If kids can manage more time, it is even better. As kids grow older, they may take part in organized sports or can join yoga, martial arts or other classes.


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