The Benefits of an Outdoor Pool

Why should you have a pool?


Having a pool at home is arguably the ultimate in luxury. Not only do they create a beautifully visual feature to your landscape, but they can also provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. An array of styles allow many homeowners to include an outdoor pool within their garden design and enjoy the benefits throughout the seasons.


Fun for all of the Family


Pools can be easily fashioned to suit the requirements of everyone. Smaller depths can be introduced for young children who haven’t yet learned to swim. You could encourage them to use the pool to practice between swimming lessons or simply to splash around in and get used to the water. Easily accessed steps can be added for those who need further assistance getting in and out of the water, if you have an elderly resident then be sure to have staircase type steps rather than ladder ones to reduce the chances of accidents. Having a heated pool can also enable you to utilise the facilities at comfort in winter.


Enhancing the Appearance of your Garden


Your choice of tiling will provide the perfect way to enhance the aesthetic pleasures of your garden. Incorporating images within the flooring or adding an elegantly tiled border around the pool is sure to prove eye catching. Lights in the water will can create a romantic atmosphere and add a little luxury to the garden, whilst proving useful and practical if you wish to take a midnight dip.


Accessories can be purchased to enhance a variety of outdoor experiences. Inflatables and water resistant toys can keep children occupied for hours on end, whilst allowing them fun exercise at the same time. The water provides the perfect environment for hosting children’s parties too, with the perfect amenity right in your own back garden! Ensure you have plenty of water games planned, but always check with the children’s parents that they’re comfortable with them swimming in your pool. You could always invite them to spectate for their peace of mind and an extra helping hand from an adult never goes amiss!


It may be worth installing an outdoor shower enclosure if you’re going to use the pool regularly, that way you can rinse off before re-entering your house or even take a full shower if you have a private garden which neighbours can’t see into. You can always take a look at Bathshop321’s range of bathroom accessories to see if there’s anything in there you’d like to accompany your pool!


Sport and Fitness


Sporting equipment can be utilised in the water for those wishing to use the pool for regular exercise. Counter-current units can be easily fitted to most in-ground pools, and are used to produce a resistant current for you to swim against. This innovative accessory, along with water weights and floating devices are great for whole body workouts. Swimming and aerobics in the water exercise all the major muscle groups for fitness and toning as well as being low impact so there’s less chance of injury.


Ensure you purchase a cover to protect your pool from the elements or interference from any wildlife. If kept clean and maintained, the benefits of your outdoor pool can be enjoyed for many years, and the advantage of having this unique facility if coming to sell the house could prove extremely profitable.


Do you need a pool fence?